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Beginner Witchcraft Witchy Spells For The New Year
Sirena Moon

Beginner Witchcraft Spells And Rituals For The New Year

The New Year is buzzing with Magick, as this really is the year to dream your biggest Magickal Dreams yet with these beginner witchcraft spells and rituals for the new year! If you are ready to make this the best year of your life with these simple witchy spells and rituals, get ready to dig in.

I’m going to show you how to get clear on what you wish to manifest, how to release the old and make way for the new, and how to harness magick to make your dreams come true in in the new year!

First Step For Witchcraft Beginners: Set Your Intention To Your Heart’s Desire

As with all magick, the most important “ingredient” is your focused intent. What is your intention for the new year?

What would you love to create in your life? Think of your focus like a magic wand, whatever direction you point it in, an alchemical reaction occurs, creating change in the physical world. In many ways, your wand is but a symbol of your mind’s focus.

Like a straight line extending from your hand into a point, your focus forms a straight line from your mind into the world of matter. When your focus is combined with your intent for change, that’s when the world around you shifts and transforms to reflect your intention.

If you aren’t quite sure what your dreams are for this year, don’t worry, there are many simple techniques you can try to help you to get clear on your heart’s desires – and I’m going to go over a few beginner witchcraft “witchy spells” an ways to do this.

1. Beginner Witchcraft New Year Spell Prep: What Lights You Up?

My favorite way to figure out my desires is to explore what lights me up.

To do this, simply take some time to journal out everything you can think of that brings you joy, makes your heart sing and simply lights you up.

What experiences give you a boost of energy when you imagine them? Whether you have experienced them before, or have a wish to, make a list and write out every single thing you can think of gives you a boost of joy when you imagine being, doing or having the experience.

This step is a Magickal Key, especially if you are a beginner in witchcraft. 

Your list should be a combination of tiny things to grand things. Don’t question or second guess yourself, and don’t be concerned with how the experience would even be possible, just let your list of what lights you up flow freely onto your paper.

For instance, my list includes everything from the simple pleasures of drinking a morning cup of coffee, watching moonlight dance on a body of water, to enjoying a first class ticket on an international flight to Amsterdam, to playing music on stage to a crowd of 10,000 people.

Let your imagination run wild, and write out in detail every single experience you can think of that lights you up and gives you a feeling of pleasure, joy, levity and excitement!

Once you have listed about twenty or so things that light you up, take a look over your list, and notice if there are any that especially stand out and make your heart sing. Take a look at the stand out experiences, and circle five or so of them that you would like to bring into the new year.

Once you have your top five, notice if there are any connecting themes to them, or if they give you any additional clarity into your heart’s true desires for the year. Even if the experiences seem too grand or impossible, let yourself dream big enough to have them…

Nothing is off limits in this very powerful year ahead! Let your desires bring out the best in you for a truly Magickal new year!

Celebrate the New Year with simple, beginner witchcraft spells and rituals.

Ring in the New Year with simple beginner witchcraft spells and rituals to make this the best year ever…

2. Beginner Witchcraft New Year Spell Prep: Who Are You Jealous Of?

I’ve learned to love the experience of jealousy – yes, you read that right, jealousy.

I realized not so long ago that when I find myself jealous or envious of someone else, that my jealousy is pointing a direct flashlight onto my own heart’s desires.

How wonderful to know that I want a certain experience, as that desire is what causes the intention within me, that with focus, brings the experience into my own reality… and into my witchy spells and rituals!

When you realize there is no lack in this Universe, and that you too can have an experience that someone else is having, jealousy becomes very short lived and rather juicy!

Make a list of everyone you have been a bit jealous or envious of lately. What did they have or experience that you wish you could also have ? Write out each experience that you now know you desire to have. In your own mind, thank each person for giving you the clarity into your own heart’s true desires!

3. Beginner Witchcraft New Year Spell Prep: Ask Your Heart.

A very simple technique I use to get clarity is to ask my heart what the truth is.

To do this, close your eyes and pull all of your focus to your heart center. Try to drop out of your head and completely into your heart. You can even put your hand on your heart to help direct your energy.

Quiet your mind and breathe a few deep breaths.

Ask your heart to show you what it is you truly desire to manifest this year. Let your heart give you the answer.

The answer could appear as a vision, or a simple knowing. Let the truth come to you, through your heart’s wisdom. More than one desire may come to you, and that is completely fine. Write down whatever your heart guides you to manifest this year.

Witchcraft For Beginners: A New Year, A New You Release Ritual

Before you can work your magick to manifest your dreams for the new year, it is important to energetically cleanse and release last year. Try any of the following new year’s  release rituals to cleanse and clear away any negative or heavy energy from the past, so that this year is a fresh new start.

New Year Release Ritual #1

To do this simple ritual for release you will need:

  • A Black candle
  • A Carving Tool
  • A Bay Leaf
  • A Fire Safe Dish
  • A Marker or Pen

The steps to take:

STEP #1: On a bay leaf, write out what you are releasing from 2021. Feel with all of your heart how you are letting this go, and how it can not enter into your experience in this new year.

STEP #2: Think of a symbol that represents what you are letting go of. It could be a letter, initials, or a shape you create. Carve that symbol into your candle.

STEP #3: Light your candle. As you do say, “I release all that no longer serves me. I cleanse away (name what you are letting go of) and release it from me forever. I now go free. So mote it be!”

STEP #4: Carefully burn your bay leaf in the candle’s flame and drop it into your fire safe bowl.

STEP #5: Let the burning bay leaf and the candle burn completely out, as you feel the relief of full release wash over you. It is done!

New Year Release Ritual #2: Take a New Year Ritual Bath

This is perfect for the witchcraft beginner, because it’s super simple.

Take a bath and incorporate healing herbs such as lavender, rose or eucalyptus into your water.

Add sea salt into your bath water for energy cleansing. Light a candle and fully relax in your fragrant herbal bath. Let any stress or negativity go from your body and energy field into your healing water.

When you are done, drain your bath water as you normally would.

This time, as the water drains, imagine all of the stress and negative energy of the previous year releasing and leaving your life, going down the drain with the water. Say out loud,

“I release the past year, and I let go. So mote it be!”

New Year Release Ritual #3: Clean And Clear Clutter

By letting go of the old, we make room for the new. A powerful way to release the old is to throw out any clutter in your home.

At the start of this new year, go through your home, clean it and let go of anything that you no longer use. When we release clutter, we clear the energy of our home, and this allows new energy in. I am a believer in the ancient art of Feng Shui, and it teaches that our homes are an outer reflection of our inner state.

When our surroundings are clutter free, the energy of our home feels clear and healthy, which creates a state of clarity and health within. Having clarity and vibrancy within increases our ability to attract wealth, health and joy into our lives.

Manifest with Beginner Witchcraft Magick

Now that you have cleansed away any negative residual energy from last year, and gotten clear on what you want to manifest this year, it’s time to work with magick to help make your dreams come true!

There are so many fun and simple magickal ways to manifest your heart’s desire in the new year. Try any or all of the following beginner witchcraft Magickal tips that resonate with you!

New Year Witchcraft For Beginners Ritual #1: Create a Dreams Come True Sachet

A magickal sachet is a small bag or pouch filled with items such as herbs, crystals, and charms that are used together to enhance your intended energy. The more meaningful components and intentional energy you’re able to put into your sachet, the more powerful it becomes!

You can carry your dream sachet in your purse, place it on your altar, hang it on your wall, or even sleep with it under your pillow. By crafting and then charging your dream sachet, you help to magnetically attract your desires and wishes for the new year to you!

What you will need:

  • A small bag or pouch
  • A piece of string
  • A small crystal, stone or meaningful charm
  • A lucky penny (A penny symbolizes good luck and works great in a dream sachet! Pennies are thought to be especially lucky if you find one on the ground, but you can also use one you have in your wallet.)

STEP #1: Write out your desire in an affirmative statement on a small piece of paper and place it in your bag.

For example you might write,

“I am joyously experiencing (name your desire) in the new year.”

STEP #2: Place a variety of herbs for luck into your sachet.

The following herbs are thought to especially enhance good luck:

  • Basil
  • Chamomile
  • Cinnamon
  • Clover
  • Dandelion
  • Frankincense
  • Irish Moss
  • Mint
  • Peppermint
  • Rose Hips
  • Rosemary
  • Sandalwood
  • Star Anise
  • Thyme

Witchy Spell Tip:  Using any combination of the above in your sachet works great. If you don’t have any of these herbs on hand, you could tear open a pack of chamomile tea—or grab some basil or cinnamon from the grocery store—any of the herbs listed above that resonate with you are great to add inside your sachet.

STEP #3: Light a candle. Set an intention in your mind to invite in your loving and helpful spirit guides. Quietly ask them to open your heart to receive your good in 2022. Feel the gratitude for them already coming in to bless your sachet spell and help guide you to lucky opportunities to manifest your dream and more in 2022.

STEP #4: Meditate on yourself having your dreams and more come true in 2022. I can’t stress this enough—by visualizing yourself as already having that which you desire, you magnetize your desire to you. Try to feel the feelings of how you would feel after the spell actually took effect.Try to see yourself in your desired future outcome, as if it were your present reality. Feel in your heart how good it feels to have your wish come true in 2022.

STEP #5: Take your pouch and place it in the center of your table space. Keep feeling the blessings you are wanting to draw in as if they are already in your life. This will prep the sachet to receive your intention for 2022.

STEP #6: Hold your herbs in your palms and gaze upon them. Run your fingers through them, breathing in their lovely aroma. Feel yourself being super lucky, free, joyous, blessed, and happy in 2022. Place them in the sachet.

STEP #7: Pick up your crystal or charm. Picture yourself wildly lucky, abundant, prosperous, and joyous. Picture your dream coming true. Place it in the sachet.

STEP #8: Hold the penny in your hands. The copper in the coin is attractive and will draw energy to your sachet. Imagine yourself so lucky that your wish and even more comes effortlessly to you. Place it in the sachet.

STEP #9: Add your written affirmation into your sachet. As you do, say out loud, “So Mote It Be”.

STEP #10: Tie your pouch closed with your string.

STEP #11: Say the following incantation over your finished sachet: “May my dreams come true in 2022! So Mote It Be!”

Your Dream Sachet is complete! Carry it with you in your purse, sleep with it under your pillow, or place it wherever you most prefer. When you feel as though you need a boost, hold it in your hands and feel it’s powerful energy magnetically drawing your desires for 2022 into your life.

New Year Witchcraft For Beginners Ritual #2: Craft A Vision Board

New year spell to manifest your dreams.

This new year manifestation spell creates a dream satchet.

Gather pictures from magazines, or print pictures directly from the internet with images of experiences or things you would love to manifest in the new year.

Turn your vision board crafting into a sacred ritual by lighting a candle, and setting an intention to manifest everything you have cut out, or something even better, in the new year. Glue all of your images onto your board.

You can also cut out inspired words, or add glitter to you finished product. Hang your vision board or keep it somewhere sacred to you.

The focus and clarity you get from cutting out and forming a variety of photos onto your board works as a powerful magnet to draw those experiences to you, often in the most Magickal of ways!

Another wonderful way to use pictures to manifest your dreams, is to create a Vision Box. Have a look at the video below for step by step guidance on how to make your own beginning witchcraft magical vision box for the new year…

New Year Witchcraft For Beginners Ritual #3: Make A New Year’s Spell Jar

Crafting a Spell Jar is a powerful way to manifest your desires, and it’s a beginner witchcraft technique, so it’s very simple to do!

All you have to do is gather a glass jar with a lid, and fill it with the following magickal ingredients:

  • Dandelion ( to assist in your wish coming true)
  • Cinnamon (for success)
  • Sea Salt (for protection)
  • Bay Leaf (for luck)
  • A small crystal such as Citrine or Quartz (to amplify manifestation)

As you fill your jar, supercharge each ingredient with your intention for the New Year. Seal your jar with candle wax when you are done. Place your jar on your altar to act as a powerful magnet for your wishes!

New Year Witchcraft For Beginners Ritual #4: Create Dreams Come True Oil

A wonderful way to supercharge your dreams for 2022 and beyond is to create your own Dreams Come True Oil! Have a look at the video below for step by step guidance on how to create your own magical manifesting oil!

Beginner Witchcraft Tips For Strengthening Your “Manifestation Power”

Sometimes, you can know what you want to manifest, and how to perform magickal techniques for manifestation, but still feel discouraged in the whole process.

Trust me, I have been there many times. Sometimes, you want something so bad, and do so many spells, but your desire seems to never come about.

When you have experienced disheartening results, it is really easy to throw in the towel, and become a passive observer of life happening to you.

Whenever I get into a state of discouragement, I try to remember that looking back, something even better than my original desire eventually did manifest for me in time. I try to remember all of the times that things I wished for actually did come true, and that I am a powerful co- creator with the Universe.

I have come to realize that the Universe simply understands the bigger picture, and that I must trust in the timing and the guidance I am given. I remember to “brush up” on my manifesting skills, and to return to my connection to magick within.

If you have ever felt less-than- stellar about your manifesting ability, do not be discouraged, as there are many simple strategies to vastly improve your manifesting skills!

Magickal spell book of shadows, herbs, and stones.

Witchy spells and rituals can manifest your deep desires throughout the new year.

Beginner Witchcraft 101 Manifestation Booster Tip #1: Move from your Head into your Heart.

Manifesting is all about FEELING. The Universe is made of energy, and that which is energetically like itself is drawn together by the powerful Law of Attraction. Our feelings supercharge our energy, making us magnetic.

Many times, we make the mistake of attempting to manifest by holding a visual image of our desire in our mind, but we forget to incorporate our feelings into the process.

Next time you are manifesting, do your best to feel, with all of your heart, the many wonderful emotions you would feel AS IF your dream were already true. Your feeling state will more easily magnetize your desire to you, in it’s glorious and full manifestation!

Beginner Witchcraft 101 Manifestation Booster Tip #2: Let the Universe do the Work for you.

Many times we stifle our ability to manifest because we don’t trust the Universe (which is far more intelligent than we are!) to work the details out on our behalf. We get in our own way by trying to figure out the path to make something happen, which often leads us off into the bushes! When manifesting, remember to turn your intention over to the Universe to work out the details for you. Declare your desire in a spell or through feeling based visualization, and then let it go! Get out of your own way and let the Universe deliver your wish to you in perfect, divinely magical timing!

Beginner Witchcraft 101 Manifestation Booster Tip #3: Seek Happiness.

Have you ever noticed that wonderful manifestations seem to come effortlessly to you when you are feeling really happy? Next time an opportunity comes to you, seemingly from out of the blue sky, take notice of your dominant mood in the days leading up to your seeming luck.

I am willing to bet that you were predominantly in a happy feeling state!

Something magical happens when we feel happy that clears the way for the Universe to bring us what we desire. When the clouds part in your mind, the clouds part in the sky above you, and magic comes beaming in like the sun.

When you take time each day to focus on what brings you joy, your energy rises to a state where you are an energetic match to your desires, which allows the Universe to easily bring them to you!

Happiness aligns you with all of the good the Universe has lined up for you, and is the easiest way to manifest, as you don’t even have to try!

Beginner Witchcraft 101 Manifestation Booster Tip #4: Raise Your Vibration.

The most powerful way to increase your manifesting power is to raise your vibration. Your vibration is the measurable frequency that you emit, which is primarily the result of the way you feel.

When you raise your vibration, the quality of your life increases in so many ways. You feel happier, healthier and more peaceful. Your intuition is enhanced, which benefits your spell work and truly supercharges your manifestation abilities.

Manifestation works by shifting the energy with you, so that you become a magnet to what you desire. The trick is to realize that we draw to ourselves not what we want, we draw to ourselves more of what we already are.

This is why every spell, ritual or magickal practice aims to shift your inner energy away from a state of lack, to a state of being expectant that what you desire is already on it’s way to you. When you shift your inner state away from a feeling of not having what you want, to a feeling of being completely content and lacking nothing, that is when you become a magnet to your desires.

So when you raise your vibration, you naturally draw to you your heart’s desires, because you are primarily in a feeling state of peacefulness, abundance and gratitude.

Witchy Spell Practices to Raise Your Vibe

Raising your vibration to a higher frequency can happen relatively quickly, and there are so many wonderful ways to do it. By doing even one of the following practices every day, you will begin to notice a major shift in your happiness and energy level.

Witchy Spell “Raise Your Vibe” Tip #1: Get into Nature.

Nature is healing because it is vibrating at the highest level of anything on earth. Nature is beautiful and its benefits are immeasurable. As often as possible, take a walk in nature and immerse yourself in its pure energy.

If you don’t live close to nature, find a tree to put your hands onto. Let the energy of the tree heal and lift your own energy. Stand on a patch of grass with bare feet and ground your energy in the dirt. The high vibration of the earth will lift your own.

Witchy Spell “Raise Your Vibe” Tip #2: Cleanse and Clear Negative Energy.

A wonderful way to raise your vibration is to clear any negative energy from your home and your auric field with smoke.

Use a smudge stick made of sage or other high vibrational herbs, such as rosemary, to cleanse the energy around you.

The smoke from sage or rosemary removes negative energy and replaces it with a higher vibrational energy. You can really feel the difference in a room after you have cleared it with a smudge stick or incense. The air feels lighter, because it is!

Witchy Spell “Raise Your Vibe” Tip #3: Laugh.

Nothing feels as good as laughing. Practice laughing as much as possible everyday, and your life will improve in more ways than you can imagine! Laughter is such a wonderful expression of joy. To make laughing a practice, watch or read something everyday that cracks you up.

When you find yourself laughing, let your laugh be loud! Really let it out! Let yourself laugh and find every reason throughout each day to laugh. Humor is the greatest healer, and nothing raises your vibe quite as much as having good laugh!

Witchy Spell “Raise Your Vibe” Tip #4: Be Discerning With Your Attention.

Turn off low vibration programming as much as possible. While it is good to be informed, try to watch as little of the news as possible. The news is completely fear based, and watching too much of it takes your mind and energy into a lowered state.

Also, be very discerning with the shows you watch, especially before bed. Try to limit shows that contain a lot of violence or drama, as these shows will lower your vibration. Try to watch shows that are lighter, intelligent, creative or funnier in content, as they will leave you feeling light hearted and higher in energy after watching them.

Witchy Spell “Raise Your Vibe” Tip #5: Cultivate High Quality Friends.

It has been said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, and I think there is truth to that. Try to spend less time with people who drag you down, and more time with people who lift your spirit! The more you give your time and attention to friends and people who feel wonderful to be around, the more you will remain in a higher state of vibration.

Witchy Spell “Raise Your Vibe” Tip #6: Do Something Everyday that Lights You Up.

Reference the list you made of what lights you up, and incorporate at least one of those things into your life every day. The more you focus on the things that light you up, the better each day will be, and the higher your vibration will raise.

Witchy Spell “Raise Your Vibe” Tip #7: Spend Time with Animals.

Animals are so healing and uplifting to be around. By playing with a dog, watching birds, or petting a cat, you naturally relax and feel more joyous. Animals are generally much more present and in tune with nature than we are, and by simply spending quality time with these magnificent creatures, you tune into your own state of presence and your vibration naturally rises.

Witchy Spell “Raise Your Vibe” Tip #8: Work with Crystals.

The vibrational energy of crystals are extremely high. Hold a crystal in your hand for a few minutes every day, sleep with them next to your bed, or wear them as jewelry to lift your vibration. The energetic influence of crystals helps to elevate your own vibrational frequency. Work with Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Selenite, Tigers Eye, or any crystal that makes you feel uplifted.

Witchy Spell “Raise Your Vibe” Tip #9: Listen to Uplifting Music.

My favorite way to elevate my vibrational frequency is by listening to music. Music that is soothing, inspiring or uplifting instantly lifts my mood and my spirit.

If your energy feels low, try listening to spiritual drumming music, and if you feel inspired, move your body to dance to it! Any kind of music that uplifts and energizes your spirit will work to lift your mood and vibration to new heights!

Beginning witchcraft release ritual: spiritual drumming

A wonderful release ritual would be to do some rhythmic drumming to cleanse and balance your energy.

Raising your vibration takes daily practice and focus. We are human beings and we are so complex, and life can be so hard. Life will always bring challenges, but living in a higher vibrational state means that you change the way you look at these challenges.

When you shift your consciousness and raise your vibration, your challenges become your greatest blessings, because you realize it is through these experiences you learn how to grow into your most magnificent self.

By increasing your vibration, life doesn’t suddenly become challenge free, but it does get easier, and your challenges become…less challenging. By raising your vibe, you become happier, healthier and so much more magickally powerful!

The Magick of A New Year

On a final note, I want to say that I truly believe the new year is going to be extra magickal. There is a feeling in the air, and the big theme of this year will be to dream big!

Dream big, and use these Magickal Tips to manifest those dreams in the new year!

May these beginner spells for witches manifest your dreams in the new year.

In closing, I hope you have the best year of your life so far. You are worthy of all of your heart’s desires and even more. May this year bring out the best in you and the best that life has to offer! May magick, and these beginner witchcraft tips and techniques, light your way throughout this blessed year!

With Love,
Sirena Moon

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