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A communal altar
  • Galena Stormrider

Witchcraft Altars: How To Set Up An Altar For A Beginner Witch"

As a beginner witch, one of the first steps toward practicing magick regularly is to create a dedicated witchcraft altar. A witching altar is a sacred workspace dedicated to all your magickal workings! As a baby witch, starting an altar is a rite of passage that marks the beginning of a more consistent magickal practice. […]

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Beginner Witchcraft Witchy Spells For The New Year
  • Sirena Moon

Beginner Witchcraft Spells And Rituals For The New Year"

The New Year is buzzing with Magick, as this really is the year to dream your biggest Magickal Dreams yet with these beginner witchcraft spells and rituals for the new year! If you are ready to make this the best year of your life with these simple witchy spells and rituals, get ready to dig […]

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Image of someone casting a spell from a book.
  • Owlvine Green

How To Cast Spells That Work With “Power”"

If you’re reading this you may have already experienced a spell success or two. Loads of witches I speak to come into their magick because of some crisis in their life. Something big goes down and every ordinary solution they try fails. Then, somehow, they stumble upon magick and decide to give it a go. […]

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