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Protective herbs can cultivate more protective energy during your spells.
  • Sirena Moon

Wicca Protection Spell Prep – How To Activate Practical Magick Energy Protection Into Your Spells"

Learning how to protect your energy before casting a wicca protection spell is one of the most important skills that any witch, empath or magickal person can develop. Our personal energy truly is everything. Our energy weaves every aspect of our lives together, and is the connecting thread between our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual […]

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  • Rose Ariadne

It’s Cancer… Can Magick help?"

2 days ago our wonderful boy (our big, gentle 4-year old yellow Labrador) was diagnosed with a Mast Cell Tumor on his leg. It’s a common type of cancer in dogs. I just dropped him off to have it taken out. We won’t know how serious it is until they analyze the tumor once removed. […]

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