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Picture of a Green Witchery Spell
Rebecca Phoenix

Beginner’s Guide To Green Witchery

What Is A Green Witch?

You are a Green Witch and can work wonders with Green Witchery if…

  • You love herbalism, stones, feathers, crystals, dirt, and all things natural…
  • You have a strong connection to Mother Earth and the natural world around you…
  • You feel aligned with the natural rhythms and cycles of the Earth…
  • You understand and feel the life-death-rebirth cycles of nature and the Earth…
  • You have a strong desire to help heal and support the environment and the animals of this planet…
  • You feel the call for sustainable practices within your witchcraft…
  • You feel at peace and at home in nature…
  • You long to live in the middle of the forest, surrounded by nature and animals…
  • You work with plant spirits and animal guides, and with the land you live on…
  • You love Faeries…
  • You feel the call to honor all living things, be it plant, mineral, or animal…

If you answered yes to all or most of these, then you, my witchy friend, are a Green Witch!

Picture of a green witch

Think of a Green Witch like a Nature Witch. A Green Witch loves Mother Nature and the Earth, and practices magick in ways that align with the cycles of nature and uses natural magickal ingredients!

Green Witchery is a feeling of kinship with the Earth, Mother Nature and all of her living creatures. Being a Green Witch is basically being a Nature Witch. Nature is the Green Witch’s sanctuary, their temple, the place where their soul feels alive. All things that are nature based make up the magickal tools of a Green Witch… plants, herbs, rocks, dirt, bones, stones.

Green Witchery also makes use of elemental magick. Elemental magick uses the 5 natural elements – Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Spirit (Ether), and incorporates them into spellwork.

Each of these elements corresponds with the 4 directions of North, South, East and West. Spirit corresponds to cosmos or divinity (whatever you refer to as the heavens or higher realms). Faerie energy can also be a part of Green Witchery, since the Fae are found in nature… protecting the land, and frolocking amongst the trees and animals.

Folk magick is also a common form of practice used by Green Witches, since most folk magick is practical everyday magick, that is connected to the natural rhythms of Earth.

Are You A Green Witch In The City?

There are many Green Witches living in the city, though most of them long to move to the forest! If a nature-move isn’t in the cards for you yet, there are ways of connecting to nature in your city environment! Below is a list of ideas for connecting to your inner Nature Witch, even if you are in the middle of the city.

  • Create a small porch garden. Be creative and create small gardens on a porch with chicken wire, wood pallets, and potted plants. You find loads of ideas on Google! Just search ‘urban gardens’, or ‘porch gardens’ for amazing inspiration!
  • Fill your space with indoor plants and a little herbal garden. The more green, living things around you the better! Ivy plants are especially amazing for magickal indoor growing, since they are powerfully protective and they also grow so long they can wrap around a room, filling your space with beautiful green leaves!
  • Find your local nature spots. Visit the pockets of nature that may be in or near your city at least once a month, to reconnect to Mother Earth. Go for a hike, or sit on the grass by a tree in a local park, or go for a swim in a river or ocean.
  • Buy yourself flowers. Fill your space with nature, color, and things that are alive!
  • Download an app that plays nature sounds. Listen to nature sounds whenever you need to connect to nature, but can’t physically be there. Simply close your eyes and be transported away…
  • Live in rhythm with the natural cycles of your environment. Eat foods that are in season. Rest in winter, rejuvenate and give birth to creative ideas in the spring, play in the summer, and harvest in the fall!
  • Use as many natural products that you can in your home. Also eat as naturally as possible.
  • Practice sustainability in your daily life.
  • Volunteer at a local farm or urban garden.
  • Set up an altar to Gaia, the Mother Earth Goddess.
  • Connect with Fae energy.
  • Channel your inner Faerie by decorating with Faerie statues, fairy lights, or cute toadstools.
  • Wear a pair of sparkly wings, and dance with delight!
  • Create Elemental Magick Spell Jars.
  • Honor the 5 elements in your space and create some elemental magick to surround your home! (Scroll down to find the video tutorial)

A Green Witch’s Spiritual Beliefs

Green Witches are all about living in alignment with the Earth, supporting the environment and protecting natural resources.

Green Witchery follows the natural rhythms and cycles of nature and honors the life-death-rebirth cycles of the Earth. Being in alignment with and surrendering to these cycles is a way to honor our own natural rhythms as well as Gaia’s natural rhythms.

Green Witchery advocates for the environment and for protecting Mother Earth, her resources and all living things. Green Witches often choose to use magickal tools and ingredients in their spellcasting that support the Earth, and are sustainable, reusable and non-toxic.

Some Green Witches choose to abstain from using white sage or palo santo since it is believed they’re being over-harvested, hurting the delicate balance of local ecosystems. They may also research the mining practices of where their stones and crystals come from, to make sure minimal harm and impact is being done to the Earth.

A Green Witch would most likely opt for magickal ingredients that are biodegradable and non-toxic… like biodegradable glitter, non-toxic paints, and soy or beeswax candles. They may choose to upcycle old food jars for their spells, to lessen the landfill burden on the Earth. A Green Witch may perform environmental advocacy work in their community.

Green Witches also understand the importance of connecting with the land they live on; building a relationship between themselves, the land spirits, plant spirits and animal guides of their direct environment. They may also use the elements of the land on which they reside, incorporating what is naturally around them, into their magick. For example, they may forage for herbs, plants and flowers in their own backyard or in their surrounding area.

Green Witch Connection With Nature

Connecting to the landscape on which you reside, and with the nature that is around you, is a great way to get in touch with your inner Green Witch.

Green Witches usually believe in using natural remedies and herbalism to heal their body, whenever possible. Herbalism is a strong calling for a lot of Green Witches!

Green Witches honor all life as sacred, and as such they believe in asking permission of a plant, herb, flower, animal, or any living being, before working with them magickally, or even in their everyday lives. Communing with the spirits of living things, honoring them and their life-force, is a wonderful way to practice being a Nature Witch!

Magickal Tools For Practicing Green Witchery

Below is a list of ideas of magickal tools that you as a Green Witch might want to add to your witchy repertoire! Of course this list is filled with an array of natural suggestions, for your inspiration. Please add to it, take away from it, or come up with ideas for incorporating your local landscape into your collection of magickal tools!

This list is not comprehensive, so follow your own wild and instinctive whims!

If you are drawn to herbalism and creating your own herbal concoctions, you may want to consider investing in a mortar and pestle to grind your herbs together and create amazing magickal herbal remedies and blends! You can even create your own natural incense by blending some dried herbs, flowers and resins and burning them on a charcoal disc!

As a Green Witch, you may want to create your own Witch’s Garden! If you have a backyard to create in that is wonderful, if not, then you can create a wonderful indoor garden with indoor plants and herbs!. You may need some secateurs (pruning clippers) for this magickal gardening adventure. You can enchant them with loving, magickal energy, so every time you prune, you are doing so with magickal intention, infusing both you and your plants with your magickal intentions while you prune and garden!

Beeswax, soy or non-toxic candles. These give a clean burn and don’t put any toxins into your witchy environment and they also aren’t made of harmful wax. A wonderful way to add clean magick that supports Gaia into your practice!

Repurposed jars to collect your dried herbs, flowers, stones, dirt, feathers, bones, as well as to use for any of your spells that may call for jars! (There seem to be a lot these days!)

Rosemary, dragon’s blood, culinary sage, mountain sage, desert sage, mugwort, eucalyptus are all great for smoke cleansing as alternatives to white sage and palo santo.

A book or an app that teaches you how to identify plants for your magickal herbalism and for going forging in the forest for your own magickal ingredients.

Ethically sourced crystals that support sustainable mining practices.

Natural stones, feathers, seeds, sticks, pine cones, dirt, things that you find in nature.

Tools For The Green Witch

Herbs, dirt, rocks, mortar & pestle and a book to record your herb knowledge in, are great tools to start practicing Green Witchery!

Make your own magick wand or wizard’s staff out of a stick that you find in nature! Really connect to the energy of where you find it, as well as the energy of the wood of the stick.

Homemade herbal remedies. Herbalism is a large part of being a Green Witch!

Elements of Faeries. Work with pictures, symbols, statues, Faerie wings, glitter, anything that channels Fae energy for you!

Elemental Magick Spell Jars to call in and honor the 5 elements of Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Ether. These are great to use in your rituals, ceremonies and spell work when you cast a circle. You can put each one in a circle around you, facing the direction that it represents. This is a great way to add Earth elements and elemental magick to your Green Witchery practice! Watch the YouTube video below, to learn how to make these jars!

How To Practice Green Witchery

Being a Green Witch is a way of life, as well as a way of practicing magick. Incorporating Green Witchery into your daily life, is a way to grow and expand into being a Nature Witch. Below are a few simple rituals that really cultivate the energy of being a Green Witch!

Earth Connecting Ritual: Make it a weekly ritual to connect to the Earth. You can do this by going out onto a patch of grass somewhere in your yard or a local park, and planting your feet or your womb or Hara space into the ground. (The Hara space is the energetic masculine equivalent to the womb space). Feel yourself connect to the Earth’s rhythms and vibrations as you feel your feet or womb/Hara space press into the ground. It is okay if you don’t notice anything at first, just have the intention of connecting with the vibrations, rhythms and cosmic grid of Gaia. Send intentional healing energy and gratitude to Mother Earth. Feel her. Witness her. Support her as she always supports you. Lay there for at least 5 minutes, allowing yourself to relax into the ground.

Green Witch Meditation: Try out this amazing “Green Witch Meditation To Awaken Your Natural Power” by the wonderful Sirena Moon, on YouTube! This is a great meditation to ground you and help you feel connected to nature.

Eco-Friendly Offerings To Gaia: Make Earth Coins as eco-friendly offerings to Gaia. Make a disc out of non-toxic, natural clay. Decorate the discs with herbs, dried flowers, pieces of natural rock or crystal, feathers and/or water colors. Leave them in the woods, forests, or nature trails as gratitude for the Earth. You could even leave them for the Fae!

Connect To Your Local Landscape: To make a deeper connection with your local landscape you can volunteer at a local urban garden or a local farm that may be nearby. There may even be a nature reserve or environmental advocacy groups in your neighborhood to volunteer with. Be in and with nature, giving your time to her and your local environment. Be intentional with your gift of volunteer work, sow your magick into the landscape through your hands as your work. Send the Earth healing energy, gratitude and love as you work with her. This is a great way to weave your magick into Mother Earth as well as the land that you reside on. As a bonus, you can look for Faeries as you connect to your landscape!

Bless & Honor Your Food: Whenever you prepare or eat a meal, thank the energy of whatever you are preparing before you start to cook with it. Fruits and vegetables especially, as they are still alive before we prepare them for food. Thank them for their energy, say a blessing from your heart, really witness and see the vegetable or fruit before you eat it or prepare it, and release it, so that it can go in peace. This is a great way to add intentional gratitude magick to the living things that you come into contact with. Say a chant or prayer of gratitude over your food before you eat it as well, thanking it for the energy and nourishment that it is providing your body.

Picture of a Green Witchery Spell

Performing spells out in nature, is a wonderful way to connect to elemental magick as well as your inner Nature Witch!

Simple Green Witchery Dirt & Candle Spell

If you made the elemental magick spell jars from the YouTube video above, light each of those up and form a circle around you, facing each jar in the direction that it represents.

Hold a handful of dirt in your hand and charge it with the intention of growth in whatever area in your life you would like to focus growth on.
Place the dirt in the center of a heat proof plate or dish (could also be your cauldron.)

Place a candle in the middle of the dirt. (Any color candle, you can choose a color that corresponds with what you are calling in growth for. Just be sure it is a beeswax or soy candle, because we are going to plant a seed in this dirt.)

Plant a seed in the dirt (whatever seed is calling to you to plant, again it could correspond with what you are working towards growing).

Light the candle and let it melt all the way down, holding the vision for your growth. Feel it, sense it, see it as if it is already happening. Feel the energy of growth happening for you right now.
Once your candle has burned down, take the dirt, candle wax remnants, and seed, and plant them in a pot or in your yard somewhere. Take care of this plant as if it is your growth baby, growing as you grow. As this seed grows into a beautiful plant, flower or fruit, the more you will grow in whichever area of your life you chose. Remember to tend to yourself and the growth of your dreams, as you tend to your beautiful seed. Blessed Be.

Closing The Circle

What an honor it has been to take you on a small exploration of Green Witchery! I love and practice many of these aspects myself, and it fills me with joy to be able to go on this journey of discovering what it is to be a Green Witch. Mother Earth is our home, there is no other like her. To honor her, practice magick in alignment with her, respect and honor her in our witchcraft, is so humbling. May we all learn how to bring ourselves more into alignment with her. Thank you for being here. Thank you for using your magick to support her. What a wonderful thing it is to a Green Witch!

Blessed Be,
Rebecca Phoenix

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