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Protective herbs can cultivate more protective energy during your spells.
Sirena Moon

Wicca Protection Spell Prep – How To Activate Practical Magick Energy Protection Into Your Spells

Learning how to protect your energy before casting a wicca protection spell is one of the most important skills that any witch, empath or magickal person can develop. Our personal energy truly is everything. Our energy weaves every aspect of our lives together, and is the connecting thread between our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. When our energy is strong, vibrant and clear, we not only increase health and happiness in every aspect of our lives, but our magickal abilities increase as well!

Your personal energy is the collection of all of the non-physical parts of you, which includes your emotions, thoughts, feelings, consciousness and general sense of aliveness. Although invisible to the naked eye, your personal energy is strong, as it is your vital life force.

Your personal energy field is encased in your Aura. Your Aura is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds your body and corresponds to your seven main chakras, or energy centers. When your main energy centers are balanced, strong and healthy, your Aura radiates with love and vitality. When your energy and Aura are cleansed and strong, you feel fully alive and connected to the magick of the Universe.

Your personal energy is super important in magick, because it is what creates an alchemical reaction in all spells, rituals and magickal practices. When your energy is focused and clear, your magickal abilities strengthen in every way possible. When your energy feels refreshed, you radiate an inner aliveness, your stress levels decrease, and your mental health improves. When your mental health improves, you feel brighter, happier and more peaceful. When you are peaceful and centered in your spirit, your ability to focus your intention in spellwork becomes so much more powerful! This is why learning to protect your energy is an indispensable skill for any witch to acquire.

Your Sensitivity Makes You Magickal And Your Beautiful Energy Must Be Protected

Energy protection is especially important for witches and other empaths to practice, because we “magickal” people are inherently highly sensitive, so be sure to give yourself the care you deserve, sweet soul!

I believe most, if not all, people who identify as witches are highly empathic and sensitive to energy, and I highly recommend using some simple wicca protection spells into your practice. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but most human beings aren’t too interested in developing intuition, reading tarot cards, or doing spells under a supportive phase of the moon. The very fact that you are reading this page means that you are drawn to the mystical, which means you have a heightened sensitivity to energy.

It’s this very sensitivity that makes you a magickal being. Your sensitivity allows you to more easily tune into your intuition, and to simply “know” things about other people. Sometimes you can even sense or foretell future events. Your sensitivity allows you to energetically sculpt and co-create your life with the Universe, as you perform spells and rituals with your focused intention. Your sensitivity connects you deeply to the web of energy that the entire Universe is made of. Your heightened sensitivity is truly a gift.

Crystal balls can be used in protection spells.

Are you highly sensitive to energy? Crystal balls can help channel protective energy in your protection spells.

This special gift lives inside every person who is attracted to magick and all things “witchy”. Like I said above, the mere fact that you are interested in these subjects is a sign that you have intuitive abilities within you, and that you are a highly sensitive soul. When the spark of interest is inside of you, it means that the ability is there, and can be developed with practice.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

As much of a gift as heightened sensitivity is to us magickal folk, it can sometimes feel like a curse. We are so sensitive to energy, that we end up soaking all the energy up around us, like a sponge! Our energy field can be so porous that other people’s energy often seeps into our own, whether we want it to or not!

Do you notice that sometimes you can be in a great mood, but if you interact with someone who is exuding a negative “vibe”, you feel quite drained or weighed down afterward? Do you find yourself very sensitive to dramatic, sad or violent images in films that you watch? Do the images or people you give your attention to tend to really affect your mood or energy level? If so, you are most definitely an empath, and your great magickal gift for “sensing energy”, also requires great responsibility to protect.

When you learn how to protect and strengthen your energy with wiccan protection spells, you are able to stand in your full power and shine your full light. When you protect your energy, you no longer allow your vital life force to become scattered or drained. You stand fully in your power and your light shines brightly. And you were born to shine your healing, beautiful and radiant light! Your light uplifts the world in ways you can’t even imagine!

The Importance of Cleansing Your Energy During Wicca Protection Spells

Before you can properly protect your energy, you must first cleanse and clear it of any negative or unwanted residue. Energetic protection essentially works by building a wall of energy around an object, a space, or you. You don’t want to build a wall around your energy if it is feeling depleted, weak or murky. First, you want to cleanse and revitalize your energy field, then you want to erect a protective shield to protect and keep in that wonderful energy. There are many simple and magickal ways to cleanse and revitalize your energy, including wicca protection spells.

Magickal ways to cleanse your energy

  • Take a cleansing ritual bath. To do this, simply light candles and place crystals around your bathtub. Tie eucalyptus or lavender herbs to the faucet, and let the water run over the fragrant herbs as you fill your tub. Place sea salt or epsom salt into your bathwater. Play soothing music and completely relax as you soak in the fragrant and cleansing salt water.  Better yet, turn this into a relaxing wiccan spell of protection.
  • Ground your energy. Practice grounding your energy everyday. To do this, go outside for a few minutes a day and place your bare feet on the earth. Or, hold a grounding crystal, such as smokey quartz, in your hands as you visualize connecting to Earth’s core energetically.
  • Embrace lightheartedness. Turn your focus toward images, information and films that lift your vibration and make you laugh. By intentionally choosing to watch something light hearted, feel good or funny (especially before bed!), you help to keep your energy high and light. Watch as many funny things as possible throughout the day, and find as many reasons to laugh as you can. It sounds so simple, but there is a reason the saying “laughter is the best medicine” exists. Laughter is a healer because it instantly takes stress away, and rejuvenates your energy. So go ahead and have a laugh!
  • Practice meditation. By quieting your mind for just a few minutes everyday, you naturally de-stress, revitalize your energy, and lift your spirit.
  • Do a mindfulness tea ritual. Brew a cup of herbal tea slowly, giving your full attention to every step of the process. Take in the lovely aroma of the tea, as you slowly drink each sip of your tea. This practice calms your nervous system, awakens your senses, brings you into the present moment, and naturally rejuvenates your energy.
  • Use sacred smoke. Cleanse your Auric field and the space around you with a smoke smudge. Burn Rosemary, Sage or Palo Santo to transmute any negative energy into positive, uplifting energy.
  • Do a technology detox. Periodically turn off all computers, your phone and television for a few hours. The frequencies and constant information output from our devices can leave our energy and attention feeling scattered and ungrounded. By doing a technology detox, (and perhaps reading a book instead), we come back into our bodies and our energy naturally lifts.
  • Do gentle exercise. Practice yoga, swimming, tai chi or walking. By doing gentle exercise everyday, you move the energy within you, and keep it flowing, healthy, clear and strong.
  • Create a cleansing Auric Spray. Use the power of healing herbs and crystals to lift and revitalize your energy field in a beautiful spritz of magick!

Strong Ingredients equal Strong Spells Of Protection

Before we dive into the many magical ways you can protect your energy, I want to first take you through the main ingredients you will need. In almost all protection rituals and spells, you will need two main “ingredients”.

The first ingredient is the most important, and oftentimes, the only ingredient you need in a protection ritual, and that ingredient is your own energy. Yes, magick is really that simple! Your own energy, combined with your focused intent, is what imbues an item or ritual with a magickal charge, creating an energetic transformation from the mundane to the enchanted in every spell or ritual!

When you use your own energy, you use the power of your emotion and feeling in a focused, intentional way. Your focused, feeling based energy works to shift the energy of any mundane object or situation into one imbued with the power of your intent.

When you visualize protective energy surrounding yourself or an item, you are not merely “making something up” in your own mind. Your visualization actually summons the dormant forces of energy that exist all around us to awaken and act on your behalf. It is by your visualization that you access and tap into the powerful, Universal energy of magick, imbuing it directly into your spell. This is why your energy is so important to cleanse and protect, because it is your focused energy that creates a magickal, alchemical transformation in every spell or ritual.

You can feel the protective energy when fully focused on your protection spell

You can feel the protective energy when fully focused on your protection spell.

The second “ingredient” is the use of an item that already carries within it the energy of protection for use in wiccan spells. There are many items and symbols that you can use to magickally enhance a spell or ritual for protection. For instance, you can use any number or variation of protection items in a ritual or spell to enhance the energy of protection. There are so many protective herbs, crystals, items made of protective wood, or items with protective symbols on them, that you can use in your magickal workings.

Here is a list of magickal protection correspondences that you can refer to any time you do a spell or ritual for protection. Incorporate any number of the following items to amp up the energy of protection in all of your magickal workings.

Herbs for Protection: Amaranth, Angelica, Basil, Bay Leaves, Black Pepper, Clove, Chamomile, Dill, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Ginger, Lavender, Myrrh, Rosemary, Star Anise, Sunflower, Vervain, Wormwood, Yarrow

Crystals and Stones for Protection: Amber, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Coral, Jet, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Obsidian, Pyrite, Selenite

Symbols for Protection: Gates, Walls, Fences, Dragons, Shields, Circles, Eyes, Iron Nails, Arrows

Types of Wood for Protection: Aspen, Birch, Cedar, Oak, Pine, Willow

Colors for Protection: Black, White

Protective herbs can cultivate more protective energy during your spells.

Protective herbs can cultivate more protective energy during your spells.

Wicca Spells To Protect Your Energy

Now that you have cleansed your energy, and understand the ingredients needed to work your magick, you are ready to protect it! There are many magickal and wonderful ways to protect your energy.

Magickal techniques to protect your energy

  • Make a protection sachet. To do this, simply gather a few protective herbs such as lavender, star anise, bay leaves or rosemary. Place them into a small sachet, pouch or muslin cloth. Tie the top of the bag closed. Light a candle and focus your energetic intent for protection onto the bag. Further imbue your bag with energy by holding it in your hands and saying out loud, “I am protected. I am safe. So mote it be.” Hang your protective sachet or carry it with you wherever you need energetic protection.
  • Create your own energy shield. Do this by grounding and centering your energy, and then visualizing a strong, protective shield of light forming around your auric field. Do this simple and quick exercise a few times a week, or whenever you feel you need to strengthen your energetic boundaries.
  • Wear or carry protective crystals. Wear jewelry containing protective crystals, such as black tourmaline or obsidian, to keep you safe from harm. Carry a protective crystal in your pocket or your purse to give you a boost of protective energy whenever you feel you might need it.
  • Drink a cup of protection tea. Brew a cup of protection tea made of ginger, lavender, chamomile or any other protective herb. Slowly sip your tea as you mindfully connect to your body and your sacred energetic space. Use the power of your focused intent to visualize a protective shield of light enveloping your aura. Feel this shield of protective light growing stronger with each sip.
  • Cut negative energy cords. Protect your energy by cutting cords to anyone who is draining your energy. To do this, close your eyes and in a visualization, energetically cut the cord to any negative relationships you wish to move on from. Visualize cutting the energy cord that extends from your solar plexus and connects you to the other person. Feel the relief of no longer being energetically tied to this person or drained by this person.
  • Light a candle in a protective color. Light a black or white candle and stare into the candle’s flame as you visualize yourself being surrounded in healing, protective light.
  • Create an Amulet for protection. Transform any mundane object into a magickal amulet for protection. Carry or wear your amulet of protection whenever you feel you need it. Check out this video for a step by step guided demonstration on how to create your own powerful protection amulet.

Magick Protection Spells for Your Hearth and Home

Use cleansing and protection practices to protect not only your personal energy, but the energy of your home, or any space you desire to protect. To protect your home, or any other space you desire, simply cleanse your space with any of the cleansing rituals mentioned earlier, and then perform any of the following rituals for protection.

Magickal methods to protect your home or space

  • Make a protective wreath. Weave herbs with protective properties together into a small circle. As you weave them, focus on your intention. Hang your wreath on your front door and as you do, visualize a shield of protective energy encompassing your front entrance and extending around your entire home.
  • Craft a protection jar. Spell jars work by combining a set of ingredients, infusing those ingredients with your intention and then sealing the magick into the jar. To craft a protection spell jar for your home, place any combination of magickal herbs and other correspondences into a jar. Light a candle and do a ritual to infuse your jar with magickal intent for protection. Then, bury your spell jar near your home, or put it on windowsill to protect your home from harm and to offer energetic protection.
  • Light a protection candle. Light a candle in a protective color and stare into the flame as you visualize a golden orb of light covering your entire home in a protective shield. Say out loud, “Smoke of air and fire of Earth, protection and bless my home and hearth. Keep away all harm and fear, only good may dwell in here.”
  • Hang a protection ward. Hang a broom made of wood with protective properties above your door to ward off negative energy. Or, craft your own Saint Brigid’s Cross with reeds or drinking straws, to protect your home and drive harm, fire and hunger away.
  • Hang witch bells. Bells are used in witchcraft for a variety of magickal purposes, including home protection. The sound of bells shift the energy of a space, and clear it of negativity. To protect your home with bells, simply to s ritual to charge a few little bells with your energy and intent for protection. Then, hang the bells on your doorknob or by your front door to protect your home from any unwanted or negative energy.
  • Use crystals. Place protective crystals on your windowsill to ward off negative energy from entering your home. Place crystals with protective properties near the four corners of your home to cleanse and protect the energy within your home.
  • Make a home protection sachet. Make a protective herbal pouch for your home by placing protective herbs in a small cloth or muslin bag. Tie your bag closed, and then charge it with your intention by holding the bag in your hands and visualize a golden ball of protective light around it. Hang your sachet above your front door or near your entryway to protect your home or space.

Practical Protection “Spells”

In addition to working with magick to craft protection wards and shields, it is very important to embrace all practical forms of protection, as well. Magickal protection enhances the energy of protection around you, and increases your intuitive abilities to read warning signs of potential danger, but it is not a substitute for common sense safety precautions.

Self love increases the protective energy in your wiccan spells.

Cultivate “self love” to increase the energy in your wicca protection spells.

If you are wearing a protection amulet, for instance, do not assume it will keep you safe in any dangerous situation, and do not use it as an excuse to put yourself in harm’s way or ignore warning signs. Rather, use it to increase your energy of self protection and love, so that you are far less likely to be drawn into a situation that would not be safe or for your highest good.

Here are a few practical ways to keep yourself healthy and safe, both energetically and physically.

  • Trust your gut feeling. If you sense that something is “off” about a person, a place, or even a direction you are about to drive in, trust your gut and do not proceed forward. Your intuition is always guiding you and protecting you. If someone or something feels dangerous, go a different way, and do not move forward with an interaction.
  • Practice saying “no”. Get great at having strong personal boundaries by saying a firm “no” to things that do not serve you. The more you love yourself, know your inherent worth, and have healthy boundaries, the more powerful and healthy your personal energy will be.
  • Practice Self Care. Give yourself time to relax, and really pamper yourself once in a while. Treat yourself to a massage, curl up with a cup of tea and a good book, or indulge in something truly delicious. By making relaxation, pleasure and happiness a priority, your batteries naturally recharge, and your energy becomes vibrant. When your energy is vibrant, your magick increases, and your whole life becomes so much more enchanted!
Charge protective energy for spells with a self care Magickal Bath.

Charge protective energy for spells with a self care Magickal Bath.

Harness Your Inner, Protective Wiccan Magick

Your sensitivity to energy is what makes you so very powerful. Your ability to tap into the subtle energies all around you, and to use energy to direct your magick, is truly a remarkable gift. By learning to cleanse and protect your precious energy, you learn to harness your magick and come into your full power. Your magickal energy lights up the world, dearest witch, and that is why it is oh-so important that you protect it!

I hope you have enjoyed learning all about Protection Witchery, and all of the ways you can uplift, rejuvenate, cleanse and protect your truly magickal energy!

Until we meet again, I’m sending you all of my love, and so many blessings!

Sirena Moon

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