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Card and candle divination.
Galena Stormrider

How To Become A Master Of Divination Witchcraft

If you are new to divinatory magick, figuring out which type of divination witchcraft is right for you can be a bit overwhelming. From abacomancy (salt or dust interpretation) to zoomancy (the interpretation of animal behaviors), the potential methods of divination are nearly endless. However, if you are drawn to divination, it is likely that you are already at least somewhat intune with one or more of your extrasensory abilities. Now all you need to do is choose a divinatory practice that appeals to your strongest “sense” and your personal learning style. Once you do that you can start developing your natural gifts!

How To Choose The Right Divination Tools For You

To help you identify your strongest sense, and the best divination tools for you, read through the different learning styles and identify which one resonates most strongly with you.

Crystal ball divinations are just one of many types.

Crystal ball divinations are just one of many types.

Visual Learning Style

If you have a visual learning style, or have intuitive ideas in response to vivid imagery, choose a divination method that triggers visions within your mind’s eye. You are likely to experience clairvoyance (psychic sight), in which you experience visions. Engaging in visual forms of divination may also lead you to experiencing other forms of psychic ability. Witches with this learning style are most likely to learn and remember information best by seeing someone demonstrate or perform an action. You probably love learning from other witches through videos!

You are naturally gifted at interpreting divine messages through pictures. In this case, tarot and oracle cards would likely appeal strongly to your visual senses, as they are a creative and colorful tool, rich with pictorial symbolism.

You may also be talented at automatic drawing, a method of divination that involves channeling divine messages while drawing or interpreting art created by the subconscious.

As a visual witch you may also have a knack for scrying or fortune telling, with crystal balls, mirrors, tea leaves, or incense smoke. The interpretation of tea leaves is called Tasseomancy, and you may look into buying special cups with charts on them that are made specially for interpretation. This may appeal to visual types because you have vivid imaginations, and with practice will see many images when looking into these tools.

Smoke from incense can form images you can interpret.

Incense smoke can be interpreted for divination purposes.

Auditory Learning Style

If you have an auditory learning style, you are sensitive to sound. You process events in your life through music, or remember important information more clearly if it is told to you, as opposed to reading it. Witches with this learning style are likely to experience clairaudience, or psychic hearing.

Shufflemancy, a form of divination in which one interprets a song chosen from a playlist on shuffle mode, may appeal to your auditory senses. When using this method, it can be helpful to choose a number with spiritual significance to you or the person you are channeling for, and press the skip button that number of times. When performing shufflemancy, you can interpret the lyrics within the context of the situation you’re assessing.

You may also experience ringing in the ears or a sensitivity to certain tones and frequencies. Meditating to binaural beats or sound baths may provide you with many psychic messages. Playing songs while performing other divination forms can add bonus clarification to your channeling. Try using tools such as bells or sound bowls to trigger your psychic skills.

Divination by sound in general is known as alveromancy. Tap into your intuition and ask what a particular sound is making you feel or think. Alveromancy may trigger other psychic experiences outside of the auditory. As a rule of thumb, trust your first thought!

Kinesthetic Learning Style

If you learn by action or movement, you likely have a kinesthetic learning style. Witches with this learning style often learn by “doing” as opposed to watching. Kinesthetic learners are likely to experience clairsentience, or psychic feeling.

While channeling, you may physically embody outside knowledge. For example, your body may take on the feelings and experiences of those you’re divining about. These learning types must be careful to protect themselves from experiencing physical ailments or negative emotions of others, especially if they are particularly empathic!

As a kinesthetic witch you will likely favor divination tools that allow you to connect with divine messages through action. Rolling dice, also known as astragalomancy, may be particularly satisfying to you. It can be helpful to buy dice with special symbols or astrological signs on them, as well as mats made to roll on top of as pictured here.

Divination dice.

Dice can also be used in more intricated witchcraft divinations.

You may also receive many psychic messages through meditative yoga or exercise. Some mediums channel messages on the treadmill, because movement can occupy the conscious mind and allow divine knowledge to flow!

Writing and Reading Learning Style

If you learn best by reading text or taking notes, you probably have a reading and writing learning style! As you may have guessed, witches who benefit from this learning style are often talented with automatic writing. Writing, doodling, and scribbling may help you receive divine messages through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, or claircognizance (psychic knowing). The product of your writings may reveal psychic messages as well, literally or figuratively.

Witches with this learning style may also enjoy bibliomancy. Bibliomancy is a form of divination in which you flip to a “random” page or passage of a book. That passage is then interpreted as the answer to your question, or as extra insight and clarification into the situation you’re assessing.

When interpreting any sort of writing, look to keywords and phrases that “stick out” intuitively, as well as symbolism occurring in the writing. You may be called to consider the larger context of the entire book or chapter, but it is not always necessary. Your first understanding is usually the correct one in matters of divination!

How To Choose Divination Tools

Regardless of your learning style or sensory strengths, it’s important to choose the divination tools you are most drawn to intuitively. Some other methods are interpreting the numbers of dice, studying the directions of a pendulum’s swing, or throwing bones or cinnamon sticks and interpreting the placement of their landing positions. “Bones” may include literal bones or refer to lots of random charms collected over time.

Experiment with different tools until you find the ones that work best for you. Sometimes, we purchase a tool with high hopes, but do not end up really connecting with it. This is a natural part of the process as you figure out what works with you practically, spiritually, and emotionally. Be patient, give each method time before giving up, and remember that there are an endless amount of divination forms to try on! One of my favorite, affordable tools for divination is a reflective surface of any sort. In this video, I explain the concept of scrying and how you can do this with a bowl of water!

How To Create A Powerful Divination Space (A Divination Altar)

In order to prepare your mind for divination, it can be helpful to create a special place to practice your art. Having a divination altar can boost your psychic abilities!

There are many different options for divination altars and you can make it work for the space you have and your lifestyle. You can use a section of your main working altar, or create a separate altar specifically for divination. You can also set up a temporary space that can be packed away when not in use, on a desk or kitchen table for example. It is totally up to you to decide what makes you feel ready to practice divinatory magick and use your divination tools.

At your divination altar, you might like to include all five of the elements (earth, air, fire, water and spirit) to aid in your practice. Think about what will help you set the mood in order to divine effectively and bring you into a clear, receptive mindspace. Think about the lighting, candles, essential oils, crystals, or talismans that help you feel powerful.

You can bring your magickal tools to your divination altar in order to further empower it too. A simple crystal grid for psychic receptivity is a fine addition to your space, boosting your skills and giving your divination tools extra power. Consider crystals such as Amethyst, Azurite, Angelite, or Nuummite to enhance your psychic abilities. Remember to charge the crystals with each full moon, as this will allow them to carry the intuitive influence of the moon to amplify your divination station.

Your altar may also include items that help you connect to your ancestors, familiars, or spirit guides, such as family heirlooms. Divination tools that are gifted or inherited from ancestors or loved ones are considered to be extra powerful.

You may choose to bless this sacred space through a dedication or consecration ritual, where you declare what the space is intended for, and thank it for serving that purpose. Asking your guides to bless the space and leaving them an offering, such as a glass of water, can ensure your divination is supported by the spiritual realms.

In order to keep this space prime for divination, keep it clean physically as well as energetically. Use things like, cleansing incenses, or Florida water. This will be especially important to do routinely, as divination brings forth many different spirits, energies, and entities that need to be removed for accurate and uninhibited channeling.

In order to protect this space from negative energies, keep a piece of amber or burn frankincense to create a psychic force field from lower entities.

Amber for divination altar protection.

Use a bit of amber to protect your divination altar during your reading.

Now Practice, Practice, Practice!

In order to become a pro at divination, you must also practice, practice, practice! The best way to do this is to build a habit of divination into your spiritual routine. For example, some practitioners pull a tarot card for themselves each morning, or at the start of each week or month. You can replace the tarot card with any other form of divination.

Many witches choose to journal about the message they receive, and then continue to reflect on it intuitively for deeper understanding. Adding this practice to your routine can enhance your abilities and help you remember messages you’ve interpreted before.

It may benefit you to perform an annual “year ahead” divination, to intuit what you may experience in the upcoming year. In this video, I explain how to perform a year-ahead divination using tarot cards, oracles, or other forms of divination.

Top Divination Magick Tips

Find communities that share your passion either online or in your local area. When you spend time around people who are better than you at what you do, you will get better faster!
Get your hands on resources. There are lots of books, courses and workshops you can join online. Each source and every teacher will have something different to offer… fresh “nuggets” of wisdom.

Some of our favorite books to begin studying with are “Divination: Sacred Tools for Reading the Mind of God” by Paul O’Brien, “The Ultimate Guide to Divination: The Beginners Guide to Using Cards, Crystals, Runes, Palmistry, and More for Insight and Predicting the Future” by Liz Dean, and “The Modern Witchcraft Book of Tarot: Your Complete Guide to Understanding the Tarot” by Skye Alexander.

“Medium” is a card-game meant to strengthen your intuition with friends. Made by Greater Than Games publishing, this fun game allows you to test your psychic abilities and connect with others. It can be found at Walmart, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon!

There will be loads more information on the topic of divination available through the SMM blog and other social media platforms both this month and in future. Make sure to check back often for exposure to more tips, tricks, and topics!

Closing The Divination Witchcraft Circle

Remember that becoming a seasoned diviner is a journey, not a race! Be consistent, open-minded, and patient, and divination will become more natural to you over time. Lastly, remember that everyone is capable of divination. Even if some people are more naturally in touch with their gifts, we can all become skilled with practice! I’m wishing you all the best in your journeys to higher wisdom.

~ Galena Stormrider

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