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Magick Techniques And Spell For Anxiety
Rebecca Phoenix

Magick For Mental Health: Anxiety Spells

Today, a little Magickal “self care” for you with a powerful anxiety spell along with a list of Magickal Techniques, rituals, and spells for depression.

First, let’s start with the some practical tips… <3

Woman Meditating

Meditation, an anxiety spell, and deep inner contemplation of our beings can bring insight into the next steps to take towards healing our mental health.

Practical Tips For Mental Health (To Do In Support Of Anxiety And Depression Spells)

  • Sleep well.

Sleep is essential to your emotional well being. It is how your psyche works out the things that you are holding onto in your subconscious mind. Get the recommended  number of hours that you personally need (between 6-9 for the average adult, more for teenagers). You will feel rested and this is an important part of your healing journey. Naps are encouraged! 

  • Listen To Inspirational Talks 

Turn on a good podcast, audio book or motivational speech. You can do this while driving to work, prepping meals, during a workout, while taking a walk, or anytime you are doing another task. This can help lift your spirits and inspire you to take more action steps in your life, to start living the life of your dreams. 

  • Emotional Support Animals Or Magickal Familiars

There are many scientific studies that have shown the benefits of Emotional Support Animals, so much so that they are protected in many states for people with emotional and mental disabilities. They help to ease your anxiety and stress, as well as your nervous system and they also help you to feel bonded and connected, when connection to another human may be scary. Your Emotional Support Animal or familiar can offer a safe way to feel connected and loved.

  • Consider Finding A Therapist Or Other Mental Health Practitioner: 

Having someone who can hear you, hold space for you and reflect you, as well as offer insights, is one of the most healing and rewarding things that you can offer yourself. I personally see an amazing therapist who supports my magickal practice and also offers so much witness and support for my OCD, depression and anxiety. I say this to release some of the stigma off of receiving support for your mental health. It is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself. I highly recommend seeking out professional care for your anxiety and depression. 

  • Look Into Full Spectrum Light Bulbs Or Light Boxes: 

These are especially helpful if you have SADS (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and can help lift your mood and depression. 

  • Limit Your Screen Time

Screens and social media can really drain your energy, and as witches we tend to be very empathic. The blue light from screens is hard on your eyes and causes mental fatigue, and we all know that mental fatigue makes everything harder. Social media gives you an algorithmic version of the world, and this can oftentimes cause you despair and anxiety. It also creates an addiction in the mind to seeing the notifications, and once those notifications have been looked at, they leave you feeling emptier than before. Limiting your intake of both can have wonderful and helpful effects on your mental health. 

  • Diet & Supplements

Nutrition does play a role in your mental health. There are new studies being done on how inflammation in the body could be a factor into depression and anxiety. The better that you care for your body, the better your mental health will be. The body and the mind are connected, and what you do to the body you do to the mind, and vice versa. Consider making some dietary changes or adding in some of the supplements listed below. 

NOTE: always consult your health care provider before starting any supplements, to make sure that they are right for you.

  • Incorporate Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Herbs like turmeric and cumin are great anti-inflammatory foods. SauerkraHello and welcome magickal seeker,

If you are reading this, you may be in a space in your life where you are working through some mental health concerns or issues. I want to start by affirming that what you are feeling is real. Your anxiety, depression, feelings of hopelessness or despair, or any similar feelings, are valid human experiences that are truly an act of bravery to overcome. I see you. I witness you. Today I will show you magickal way to support yourself during this time of mental health crisis. These insights come from a magickal and transpersonal perspective, highlighting what may be happening during this difficult  period in your life, as well as some witchy tips on how to best support yourself during this time. 

I know from personal experience that living with depression and anxiety is a life-long journey, filled with many ups and downs. My own challenges are related to clinical depression, OCD and anxiety. 

This article is not meant to be a substitute for working with a professional in the field. The magickal offerings I give you today will support the work that you may already be doing with a therapist, psychiatrist, healer, acupuncturist, or any other medical practitioner. In my experience, the more ways you can find to support yourself through these darker periods, the quicker they clear. Though there are periods where one needs to simply sit with dark feelings and not do anything, and that is okay too. So wherever you are on your journey, I send you love, hope, and light to illuminate your path through these winding tunnels of mental health. 

Depression And Anxiety: Through The Lens Of Magick Spells For Anxiety

Witch writing in her journal

Writing in your journal or book of shadows is a great way to explore the inner depths of yourself.

What is happening when you feel anxious or depressed? 

Each person has their own unique life experiences that contribute to their mental health. But one thing that seems universal, is the energy we experience when we are anxious or depressed. Anxiety stems from living in the future and depression stems from being stuck in the past.

Anxiety is usually worrying about future events and what might happen. When you feel anxious you are focused on what is coming and what could potentially cause you harm, leading to hypervigilance. You are convinced that if you can see far into the future of what is to come, you can control the outcome. This feeling can cause deep anxiety, especially when you recognize there are variables you cannot control.
Anxiety can also be a way to avoid deeper feelings. If you speed up and move really fast from one thing to the next, you can quite literally “spin” your energy and distract yourself from feelings of helplessness.

Depression is usually a feeling that stems from being stuck in the past somewhere, trying to relive or control events that have already happened. This often stems from regret, shame, sadness, or fear of past choices. Living in the past distracts you from experiencing the present moment, leaving you feeling hollow, empty or hopeless. Sometimes the energy system also wisely depresses your system so that you have to slow down and sit with the feelings that you may have been avoiding in your anxiety. 

How can you use magick to understand anxiety and depression, and cast a targeted depression spell, or anxiety spell? 

Shadow work: As a witch, you may have come across the term shadow work. Shadow work is deep, inner, explorative work that takes you on a journey into the underworld of yourself. All of the hidden aspects of the self reside here, the places only the bravest dare to go. Human beings will avoid shame over any other human emotion or feeling. All the aspects of ourselves that we have shamed, are hidden within the shadow realm. To work in the shadow realm takes tremendous bravery, courage and strength of heart. 

Shadow work is to learn to fully love, accept and embrace the aspects of your hidden and shamed self. During shadow work you atone for who you are, and what you have done in your life; fully owning the good, the bad, and the ugly. You can think of this as the Hero’s Journey (or Heroine’s Journey, as I like to call it). 

Reading Goddess myths of Inanna or Persephone, is a great way to support your Heroine’s Journey and your shadow work. You can also call these archetypal energies into your magickal work when doing healing spells, spells to relieve depression and anxiety, or any work related to the shadow. 

Hecate (Queen of the Witches) is another Goddess and archetypal energy you can call on for support during this journey. As she guided Persephone through her descent into the underworld, she will support and guide you through yours. 

Cast a healing anxiety spell and set the intention to know yourself: 

When you perform a healing spell for yourself (whether it’s a spell for anxiety, depression, or physical healing), make sure you add the intention to more deeply understand and know yourself, in whichever ways serve your highest good. Sometimes you aren’t ready for all of the puzzle pieces and so the universe gives you bits and pieces at a time. Setting this extra intention during spell work will bring you self-knowledge and an understanding of yourself on a deeper level, when the time is right. 

Light your working candle and perform divination: 

If you have a working candle (a candle that is only burnt during spells or rituals) then light your candle and perform divination on how to best support your mind body and spirit through this period of anxiety and depression. You can use oracle cards, runes, a pendulum, or another method you prefer. Divination helps you receive guidance from your spirit guides, ancestors, angels, and any other guides that you may have. 

If you don’t have a working candle, simply pick a candle (perhaps in a color that feels like happiness, courage and strength), and light that as you do your divination. 

Meditate and accept the feelings: 

This is a hard one! It might be that you can only tolerate doing this for a split second (literally!). That’s okay. It takes practice to sit with negative feelings without moving to fix them or change them. Allow yourself to simply be curious and sit in quiet stillness… not thinking or doing… just feeling. Allow your emotions to be what they are, and feel them for as long as you can tolerate it.

Tarot Spread And Journal Prompts To Go Deeper 

Circle of Tarot Cards

Create a circle with your Tarot card spread to symbolize wholeness and your depression coming full circle. This is also an image of my personal Tarot spread for depression

Below are some journal prompts and questions you can ask yourself to explore the mysteries of your psyche. Write whatever pops into your head, stream of consciousness. Release judgments and don’t filter yourself. Just be curious. 

  • What are my feelings guiding me towards?
  • How can I hear/see/witness myself and/or my inner child more deeply and lovingly? 
  • What part of me is trying to be seen and heard? 
  • What age is that part of me that is trying to be witnessed?
  • What fear of the future am I holding on to? 
  • What regret of the past am I holding on to? 

There is also a YouTube video linked below, that takes you through the process of doing this Tarot spread. 

5 Card Tarot Spread Depression Spell for “Healing Depression”:

Do a quick meditation, then shuffle your cards. Lay the cards out, one by one, in a circle, face down. Reveal each card one at a time, really feeling into each card. Journal to go deeper. 

NOTE: These questions can also be used as journal prompts.

Card 1: What is blocking me in the present moment? 

Card 2: How does anxiety serve me?

Card 3: What am I holding onto from the past that is weighing me down? 

Card 4: What is one step towards release and healing that I can take today? 

Card 5: What will the outcome of that release be?

How To Magickally Support Mental Health Healing With Anti-Anxiety Magick

These suggestions can help you support yourself as you navigate anxiety and depression. Naturally, this is not a comprehensive list; there are countless ways you might support your mental well-being. Here you will find a few magickal offerings that you may like to try, or that may help inspire your own ideas. 

Carry Crystals: Carry these crystals to help support you during the day… carnelian, smoky quartz, lepidolite, jasper, obsidian and tiger’s eye. These stones help to relieve negative thoughts, depression, and anxiety and help to protect your energy as well. 

Burn Incense: Burn scents like frankincense and myrrh, benzoin, lavender or any citrus scent. This will help to elevate your mood, relieve feelings of depression and anxiety, and calm your nervous system. 

Burn Magickal Candles: Dress candles with sunflower oil (invoke the power of the sun to help relieve depression). Sprinkle with botanicals such as mint, orange peel, or lemon peel, lavender and eyebright. Burn this candle as a stand alone spell, or add it to other spells you cast for anxiety or depression. 

Drink Wellness Tea: Combine chamomile, st. john’s wort and lemon balm and brew into a tea. As you brew your tea, say a chant of intention for mental wellness over your tea: “I intend to be mentally healthy. So Mote It Be.”

Take A Spiritual Bath: Take a bath with lavender, lemon balm and eyebright. As you soak, feel the herbs support you and your mental wellness. Allow the energy of anxiety to drain from you. Allow the energy of depression to be lifted from you as the herbs lift your mind, body and spirit. You can also light some candles in colors listed above to add more magick. Feel and visualize the Divine surrounding you in love, peace and harmony. 

Cleanse With Eyebright: For a simple happiness spell, make weak tea with the herb eyebright. Splash this cleansing water over your eyes, with the intention of washing away depression or anxiety, and clearing your vision for a renewed perspective on life. 

Energy Healing/Body Mind Counseling: Make an appointment with an energy healer, Reiki practitioner, Shaman, Acupuncturist or body mind counselor. They can help to clear your energy, guide you to find deeper meaning, and come back to your center.

Make A Wellness Bundle: Tie into a bundle, lavender and chamomile, or st. john’s wort and lemon balm. Hang this above your bed to help soothe your mind while you sleep, and lift your spirits in the morning. 

Bundled Magick Healing Herbs

Magickal healing herbs can be used in a varity of magickal ways to support you and your mental health.


Mental Health Spells

Black Candle Anti Anxiety Spell

Light a black candle, look in the mirror and affirm your worthiness, then say: 

“Only that which is in my highest good is allowed to stay.
I dispel anything that stands in my way.
I am clear. I am whole. So Mote It Be.”

DIY Happiness Spell

Create a personal happiness spell for yourself. Include things that bring you joy and happiness in life. Your spell could be as simple as feeling the wind on your skin, or bathing in the ocean, or planting a garden. Pick things that feel good to you and create a ritual or spell around them, intending for happiness to seep through you and into your heart and soul. 

Mojo Depression Spell Bag For Healing Anxiety & Depression

Choose a small black bag and fill it using any of the herbs or crystals already suggested, to create a magickal ‘mojo’ bag. Carry it with you to support your mental well being. Use whichever herbs and crystals call to you. Once the bag is ready, chant something like this over it: 

“May this bag dispel my fear,
and hold close to me what is dear.
I am worthy of hope. I am worthy of love.
I am worthy of this life. So Mote It Be.” 

Magickal Crystals and Herbs

Adding healing crystals and herbs to mojo bags is a great way to add magickal support that you can wear on your person’s daily!

Mental Health Poppet Spell 

The video linked below will show you how to create your own magickal poppet to aid mental health healing to help with anxiety and depression. 

Once you have made your poppet, you can work with them in these ways to help support your healing:

  • Send healing light over your poppet by imagining light emanating from your hands and into the poppet.
  • Chants or say mantras over your poppet.
  • Visualize your poppet being relieved of anxiety and depression. 
  • Use poppet in happiness spells, healing spells, or spells for depression. 
  • Show your poppet some love, then place them under or next to your pillow at night while you sleep. 

Color Magick Spell For Depression

Colors evoke emotions in us. When you use color magick it can help to soothe and support your journey. It is a powerful way to help support positive thoughts and feelings on a subconscious level.

  • Purple: connection to Divinity; Divine support, love, ease and grace
  • Blue: soothing and calming
  • Green: heart chakra connection and heart healing
  • White: clears and calls in new energy, free of depression or anxiety

Miraculous “Mundane” Magick Rituals For Anxiety

In this next section, explore everyday, “mundane” tips for moving towards healing and working with anxiety or depression. My fellow witch Sister, Galena Stormrider, perfectly explains why this so helpful below:

“If you study tarot, manifestation, Hermeticism, or Wicca, you have likely heard the phrase “As Above, So Below!” Just as everything has scientific or earthly value, it also has magickal and spiritual value. 

Practical or magickal, natural or synthetic, modern or ancient– there are often huge differences of opinion when it comes to approaching mental wellness. As someone in touch with their magickal side, you may feel conflicted at times over which approaches are best to take! 

Luckily, modern medicine and magick can coexist beautifully to create the perfect wellness regimen for you. Both medicine and magickal ritual are only as helpful as you find them to be as an individual with a unique relationship to mental health and spiritual practice.” ~Galena Stormrider 

Regular Activities To Support Your Well-Being

Live in the present moment as much as possible. Find love and compassion for yourself. Creating new self-care habits for yourself is vital for your emotional well being. The list below is not meant to overwhelm you. If you only do one thing off of this list, that is amazing! If all you can do right now is consider doing something off of the list below, that is enough too. I promise you, that any step that you can take towards your healing is enough. Free yourself of judgment. Give yourself mad magickal props whenever you take steps towards supporting yourself. 

  • 5 Minute Meditation

Find 5 minutes throughout your day, and take a moment to simply breathe. Sit with yourself and your feelings; let them move through you and you imagine yourself bathed in light. This can do tremendous things for your mental well being. 

  • Sunbathing

Take 5-15 minutes on each side of your body, and let the sun kiss your skin. The sun is an amazing mood booster! On a physical level it helps you produce vitamin-D. It also clears your auric field of any energetic debris, helping to clear your minds and spirit. If you can find time to do this every other day, it is super helpful and supportive for emotional well being. Even once a week is helpful! 

  • Eat Magickal Meals

Cook or prepare food and drink with intention. Stir magick into your tea, coffee, or smoothies. Ask your food to nourish your mind, as well as your body. Setting an intention for healing and repairing the mind and body is a great way to support your mental health. 

  • Buy Yourself Flowers

Filling your space with things that bring you joy, like your favorite flowers, is a great way to freshen up your space and your mood. It also is a way to show you that YOU are taking care of and loving yourself, and this is a wonderful way to support your mental wellness. 

  • Move Your Body At Least 10 Minutes A Day

Moving your body helps promote serotonin and dopamine in your system, hormones which are often depleted in depressed people. Movement helps release anxiety. Depression and anxiety live in both the mind and the body. Working with the body greatly supports your mental well being. You can take a walk, dance, do aerobics, strength training, swim, ride a horse, play a sport, go for a hike in nature, anything that makes you happy and gets you moving. 

  • Get Into Nature

Spending time in nature helps your nervous system calm down, which soothes anxiety. It can also help you feel connected to something greater than yourself; something deeper than your current life-state. This can bring a sense of peace and calm to your life, renewing your purpose. As a bonus, getting out into nature at night where you can look at the stars, can help you remember how big and vast the cosmos is, creating a sense of awe; the opposite feeling of depression. 

  • Light Candles And Listen To Music

Let candle light bathe and relax you. Lay on the floor and feel the vibrations of music move through you. 

  • Get Enough Sleep

Kimchi, kombucha, or anything fermented can also be a great anti-inflammatory food (just avoid things with sugar, as sugar is inflammatory.) 

  •  Incorporate Leafy Greens

Greens such as spinach, kale and chard are great for the mind and body! 

  • Remove Processed Foods & Sugars

As much as possible, you want to eliminate processed foods and sugars. This can be a slow process of eliminating these foods over time. Give yourself time and grace. 


Below is a list of suggested supplements that have shown to help mental well-being. Supplements can be a great support to your body, but they should be taken with care just as any other medication. Speak with your healthcare provider before starting any supplement routine. 

St. John’s Wort: This herb is said to help ease anxiety and depression. 

B-Complex: Vitamin B deficiency can cause anxiety to increase. Taking a daily B-Complex is very helpful to reduce anxiety in the body. 

Vitamin-D: Vitamin-D is essential for your immune system as well as your mental well being. Knowing how much you need is very important, so talking with your health care provider about testing your vitamin-D levels is a great place to start before supplementing. 

Sam-E: This is a natural antidepressant and can have great benefits. This is a very strong and powerful supplement and should not be taken by those who have been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and other mental health disorders. Working with a healthcare professional on dosage is essential for this supplement.  

Closing The Circle

Thank you so much for joining me in exploring magickal ways that you can work with your anxiety and depression. This truly is a life-long journey of hope and renewal. Be sure to find support for yourself when you can’t seem to find hope or renewal inside of yourself. There is no shame in being in these dark places. It is so important to witness and embrace these parts of yourself. Magick can help to support you through the toughest experiences, and work in tandem with professional care. 

You are not alone in this journey, I am right there beside you, lighting a torch for myself as well as you, as you navigate these unknown, dark tunnels. I see you. I witness you. You are loved. You are whole. You are worthy. 

Blessed Be,

Rebecca Phoenix

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