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Image of a person practicing self love rituals with a candle.
Galena Stormrider

Self Love Spells: How To Practice Self Love As A Witch

When you think of self love spells and rituals, you may think of meditation, a bubble bath, or a spa day. While these are lovely ideas that come highly recommended, it is important for us to tailor our self-care practices to our specific needs. As a witch, you may frequently open yourself to different energies and channel your power into various projects. Working with magick can be highly demanding, especially if you are a healer, empath, or psychic. As a witch navigating the modern world, you need to care for yourself on many different levels. In this blog post we will dive deeply into the importance of self-care and discover fun, practical ways you can magickally care for yourself.

How To Practice Self Love Daily

While every person deserves to prioritize their self-care, there are quite a few reasons self-care is vital for witches. Firstly, witchy self-care can increase your magickal power. When you take care of your physical and spiritual bodies, you will have the ethereal energy to cultivate and utilize your magick to its fullest potential!

Secondly, witchcraft calls on you to work with many different energies. It is crucial that you practice good spiritual hygiene by cleansing yourself of external energies and keeping your vibration pure. When you don’t, it can cause you to feel lethargic, exhausted, or even depressed. You can cleanse your sacred space easily by using incense or sage in your home and at your altar when you clean. Just make sure your windows are open for the energy to leave through. You can cleanse your body by taking salt baths, eating citrus fruits, and using essential oils such as tea tree, rosemary, or lemon. Be sure that any essential oils applied to the skin are diluted with a carrier oil! You can use olive oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil and so on.

Additionally, it is vital for you to practice self-care and self-love by enforcing boundaries with others, yourself, and the spiritual energies you work with. Boundaries in your physical relationships are just as depleting to your personal power as energetic boundaries with the spirit world are.

For example, if you tend to make decisions that please others at the cost of your own happiness, you may betray yourself and give more of your effort to others than you are capable of. This can leave you too tired to perform magick and protect yourself properly while doing so. On the flipside, you may keep strong walls up, never allowing others to help, love, or nurture you. It is important for witches to be receptive to support, from our loved ones and from the Divine. Support helps us to enact our will and receive blessings and our manifestations.

Image of a person practicing self love rituals with a candle.

One intentional moment of self love each day can be transformative. What will you do to care for yourself toda

In order to ensure that you have time and space to practice self-care, it is important to assess the amount of time you spend on yourself, your responsibilities, and the needs or desires of others. Answer the following journal prompts in order to analyze your relationship to boundaries:

How can I help myself more?
In what areas do I wish to receive help more often?
In what ways can I afford to give help?

Set boundaries with your own mind. Replace negative self-talk and limiting beliefs with gratitude and loving affirmations. This is key to spiritual success. If you struggle with negative thoughts, you make a self-loving commitment to yourself to speak at least one positive affirmation daily. Seek support via therapy or from your loved ones. Practicing shadow work in order to heal.

Finally, you must also enforce boundaries with the spiritual realm, especially if you are performing healing or divination work. When practicing divination, I draw an “X” over my third eye to signify to Spirit that I am finished channeling. Closing your channels will ensure that you aren’t continually receiving messages, which can be exhausting.

Boost your psychic protection by wearing crystals that transmute negative energies into positive ones and fortify your energetic forcefield. Wonderful crystals for protection are hematite, amber, black obsidian, and black tourmaline. Some crystals known for invoking Divine protection are pink tourmaline, aquamarine, and turquoise. If you work with certain deities, research crystals associated with them to invoke their protection. Be sure to cleanse your crystals in salt or incense smoke and charge them often by the sun or moon!

[Insert Tourmaline.jpg with caption: Black Tourmaline is a powerful crystal that acts as a psychic forcefield for spiritual protection.]

How To Tailor Magickal Self Love Practice To Meet Your Needs

As you set boundaries and dedicate yourself to your self-care routines, make a list of practices that are practical for you. As you consider the following suggestions, ask yourself which practices are most accessible and suitable for your needs. In other words, which practices can you realistically see yourself attempting?

Self-massage: This act of self-love is a wonderful way to wind-down at night. Use lavender or jasmine essential oils and massage your shoulders, hands, and feet to help you relax and grow your compassion. You may also massage yourself with crystals to add extra pressure and imbue your massage with metaphysical properties. Ruby and garnet are known to stimulate blood circulation and bring passion and joy to your life. Jasper increases your courage and motivation. Rose quartz increases your self-love, while Lapis Lazuli can help you gain greater mastery of your mind.

Kitchen Witchcraft: Eating is non-negotiable for your well being. Simply add intention to your cooking to make this a magickal act. Show yourself care by using food to nourish yourself and meet both your magickal and physical needs. Make a list of these needs and note the ingredients associated with them. Here are some ideas to start with:

  • chocolate and cocoa powder for love and compassion
  • honey for kindness and sweetness
  • lettuce for relaxing
  • root vegetables for grounding
Herbs and other kitchen witchery tools and ingredients for a form of self love ritual.

Cooking with magickal intention can nourish the soul with self caring.

Sound Healing: From your favorite music, to singing bowls, to binaural beats – there are endless ways to show yourself some love through sound. Certain frequencies provide various healing benefits such as chakra unblocking and aligning, deeper sleep, heart awakening, and heightened intuition! For example, music tuned to 444 Hz is known to provide angelic healing. Schumann resonances, or peaks in the low frequency portions of Earth’s electromagnetic field, are a 7.83 Hz frequency that provides healing and serenity through the Earth’s heartbeat. Playing binaural beats and sound bath playlists while you are sleeping or working is a great way to care for yourself and calm your mind without adding an extra task to your schedule.

Subliminal Affirmations: Listening to subliminal affirmations while you work, meditate, or sleep feeds your subconscious with positive, high-vibration thoughts. Choose affirmations you would like to align with in your waking life. The power of positivity is vital for feeling, behaving, and showing up as your best self. Though sometimes the stressors of life can make this difficult. Subliminal affirmations give you the extra boost of positivity your brain needs to recover and bounce back from a tough day, especially if you struggle with negative thoughts. This can passively reshape the language your brain is comfortable with hearing and using in your waking life.

Wash it Off: An easy way to feel lighter at the end of a tough day or week is to cleanse yourself with salt and essential oils such as tea tree, lavender, and chamomile. When you do, use the power of intention to visualize all your worries and burdens being washed down the drain. This is a great way to add a refreshing boost of self-love to your shower routine. Plus it clears your energy field for more powerful magick!


Sound healing tools.

Use the frequencies of sound to fortify your self love spells and daily rituals!

My favorite thing about these activities is that none of them take a lot of time, so they aren’t an added burden to an already busy schedule. When we are not feeling our best, self-care can sometimes feel like another chore. When you are feeling absolutely fatigued or struggling with chronic depression, release expectations of yourself. When you need time to overcome fatigue or depression, worrying about what you think you should be doing can prevent self-care from actually being restful.

It’s also important to note that productivity can sometimes be a form of self-care, though these things are often talked about as separate entities. If you are struggling with perfectionism, procrastination, or work anxiety, you may benefit from productive self-care by scratching things off your to-do list. One quick way to do this is by cleaning your room and taking your work tasks one step at a time. Unburdening yourself in this way is absolutely a form of showing up for yourself and taking care of your inner child so your needs may be met.

Ensure that you strike a proper balance between productivity and leisure by having firm boundaries with your work schedule, and say no to tasks that you may be unable to handle effectively. While not every human is given the luxury of turning down work, each human is inherently worthy of self-love and leisure time. If you may, advocate for this right by modeling self-love, setting standards of self-care and boundaries in your workplace, and being an example for others! When you take time to rest and recharge, you are claiming that your spirit deserves time to be nurtured, just as everyone’s spirit does!

Simple Self Love Spells for the Modern Witch

Use the power of witchcraft to recharge, replenish, and love yourself with these simple, magickal self love spells!

Galena’s Recharge and Replenish Ritual

In this video demonstration, I will show you how to perform a simple recharge and replenish ritual that is perfect for beginner witches.

For this ritual you will need:

  • A glass of water for purification
  • A fresh lemon or orange to represent solar energy
  • A clear quartz or citrine crystal for harnessing light
  • A white candle for cleansing

Begin by centering and grounding.

Add the juice of a lemon or orange to your water and place it before you.

Light the candle and hold the clear quartz in your hands.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply, allowing yourself to settle and feel a sense of internal balance.

When you are ready, hold the crystal to your forehead and say to yourself, “I call on solar energy to cleanse and charge me. Illuminate my needs so I may feel powerful once more. I will be patient, graceful, and kind with myself as you replenish my mind, body, and spirit.”

Then, drink the water and keep the crystal close to you as you recover!

Be compassionate and patient with yourself as your energy and motivation returns!

Rebecca Phoenix’s Self Love Ritual Altar

In this video demonstration, Rebecca Phoenix will show you how to dedicate an altar to your self love practice. This is a lovely place to perform the recharge and replenish ritual, as well as other rituals for your well being and confidence.

[Insert Rebecca’s Self-Love Altar Video and steps]

Rebecca Phoenix’s How To Practice Self Love Witchcraft Tips for Enchanting Your Beauty Routine

These magickal self love tips from Rebecca Phoenix will allow you to enchant your beauty routine and fortify your hair, skin, and nails for an inner and outer glow.

Did you know that you can give yourself magickal self care just by adding some intentional and magickal elements to your daily skin, hair and teeth routine? Integrating magick into tasks and routines that we already do daily, is a great way to magickally take care of ourselves.

STEP 1: Before washing your face, or applying skin care, or make-up, enchant each item. You can do this by blowing magick into each item before you apply it. Set your intention, and use your imagination to see your breath as a glowing light. Imagine your beauty products glowing with magickal energy, and feel that magickal energy infuse into your skin, giving you an inner and outer glow!

STEP 2: In many cultures it is believed that our hair is an extension of our nervous system. That, like an antenna, it helps us receive Divine messages and sense our surroundings. In this way, your hair acts as a shield, an alarm system, and a conduit between you and the Divine. While you brush or comb your hair, imagine strength and courage being infused throughout the strands. Set an intention to receive messages from the Divine, through your hair.

STEP 3: As magickal practitioners, many of us have had to hide who we truly are. To keep ourselves safe we have had to keep our truth to ourselves, making our words not quite sincere. This can lead to a lack of true self-expression and self-love. Set an intention that while you floss your teeth, you are flossing out these insincerities and any words or expressions that are not in alignment with your highest truth. As you brush your teeth, set the intention that you are brushing in your truest expression, setting your mouth and your voice free, expressing whatever is in your highest good and your highest truth.

Closing the Self Love Circle

Just as you must take physical care of your bodies, magickal self-care can fortify your spiritual health and enhance your power. Even in a busy world, one intentional moment in your day can be reclaimed for self-love. May these tips for self-care inspire your practice and help you thrive on your magickal path!

With Love and Gratitude,
Galena Stormrider

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