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Add energy to your Love Spells
Sirena Moon

How To Supercharge Your Love Spells For Romance

Love spells, and “love” in general seems to be on everyone’s mind at this time of year. The holiday season is here, and everyone is gathering or connecting with those they love to celebrate. The weather outside is cold, but everything looks and feels so much more romantic somehow.

Maybe it’s all the trees wrapped in lights, and the images of snow falling softly, but this time of year just looks enchanting, and our hearts can’t help but warm in the soft winter glow.

The nights are longer and the days are colder, making it the perfect time to snuggle up with someone by a fireplace! This time of year is just sparkling with romance, and whether we are partnered or not, many of us are feeling inspired to increase romance in our lives with the Magick of Love Spells!

Whether you are looking for love, or looking to increase the love you already have, magick is one of the best ways to do so.

Magick can help you to get clear on your intention to welcome in love, and to remove any blockages you might have to love, in order to quickly bring the love you desire into your life. By performing love spells, divination practices for love, or rituals to help you to clear the way for love, magick can supercharge your love life, in so many wonderful ways!

Boost the energy of love spells with a warm beverage

Boost the energy of love spells with a warm beverage

Your Perfect Match

There are so many ways that magick can help you to attract a wonderful partner into your life. Whether you are looking to find your soul mate, a kindred spirit, a business partner or your perfect match, love magick can help to clear the way, and usher love and partnership into your life.

Love spells are especially powerful Magickal ways to bring in romantic partnership, because romance opens our hearts and gets us in touch with our emotions unlike anything else.

When we are in touch with our emotions, the energy of our emotions gives us huge leverage to work our magick with. Also, we tend to desire love more than most other partnerships, and strong desire is what creates the catalyst that causes us to focus on attracting love into our lives.

Once we are clear that we want a romantic partner in our lives, now we can use magick to welcome and attract love in!

Clearing The Way For Love Before Casting A Wiccan Love Spell

Before you do any spell or ritual to attract romantic love into your life, it is important that you first remove any blockages you have to love.

Love can be a scary thing, as it requires us to be vulnerable to possible hurt and rejection. When we fear the experience of love, we often sabotage any real chance of receiving it, in order to protect ourselves from experiencing pain.

All love requires an open heart, and although it is natural to take things slow and to be sure your heart is safe before falling in love, it is unnatural to prevent love from entering your life. We are born to love, and if I know anything for sure, it is that there is someone out there for everyone. There really is.

Love spell success check: Is your heart open and ready to receive love?

Love spell success check: Is your heart open and ready to receive love?

True love is an experience you are born to have, but before you can manifest love into your life, it is important to clear any past pain or energetic residue that may be unconsciously keeping love at a distance from you.

There are many Magickal ways to help clear and remove blockages to love, so your spells will be able to attract and cultivate the love you desire. Here are a few of my favorite ways:

Clearing A Path For Love Spells #1: Cut the chords.

Cut any left over energy chords to past relationships that you may still have. If someone hurt you, or if you were in a codependent energy dynamic with an ex, your energy may be unconsciously still tied to theirs.

When you cut the chords to your past, you help to heal your energy, and begin anew. To do this, close your eyes and in a visualization, energetically cut the cord to any past relationships you wish to move on from.

Visualize cutting the energy cord that extends from your solar plexus and connects you to the other person. If you can, imagine parting from this person in love and forgiveness. Feel the relief and the freedom of no longer being energetically tied to this person.

Clearing A Path For Love Spells #2: Fine wholeness and happiness within.

It does way more harm than good to get into a relationship when you are in a state of empty desperation, as you will only attract someone who reflects your own feelings of emptiness back at you.

When you focus more of your attention on what brings you inner fulfillment and happiness, your energy becomes radiant and you actually become a magnet to love!

Cultivate inner happiness by:

  • Keeping a gratitude journal, and writing out 5 things you are truly grateful for every day.
  • Meditating once a day for a few minutes to get grounded, peaceful and centered within.
  • Turn your attention and focus to people who bring you joy, things that are joyous to do, and films and images that bring you joy. Turn off negative programming or social media, and be selective about who you give your attention and energy to.
  • Find the things that light you up in life, and do as many of those things as possible, every day. By making your own joy and fulfillment your top priority, you swing open the doors to love.

Clearing A Path For Love Spells #3: Increase your self esteem and worth.

Ritual to Boost Self Esteem

What you will need:

  • A mirror
  • A red or pink candle


STEP 1: Dim the lights slightly.

STEP 2: Light your candle and place it beside your mirror. Feel your candle flame connecting to the energy of love within your own heart and all around you.

STEP 3: Call on a Spirit Guide, Goddess or deity of choice to help you by saying something like:

“With this ritual I open my heart, and ask you to help me to fall deeply and passionately in love with myself and all of my life. I thank you in advance for your help and your guidance. I am ready to love and to be loved fully. Blessed be.”

STEP 4: Gaze into your own eyes in the mirror. Say to your own eyes:

“I deeply love and adore you, (say your name).”

Repeat this saying over and over again, until you begin to believe it. It will feel strange at first, but it will help you to regain the self love and confidence you were born with.

STEP 5: After you have said this for about five minutes, and feel ready to move onto the next step, say…

“I am beautiful and everybody loves me.”

Repeat this affirmation as you gaze into your eyes. Affirm this until you begin to believe it.

STEP 6: After you are done, blow out your candle and thank your Spirit Guide for help and continuing guidance as you allow your self love to grow exponentially in the days and weeks to follow!

Cultivate Romantic Energy

Once you have cleared your blockages to love, now it is time to cultivate romantic energy! When you increase the energy of romance in your life pre-relationship, you supercharge your love spells and rituals, and help to bring in the romantic partner you seek much faster.

When you radiate the energy of romance and self love, you become magnetic to love. That is why it is so important, (and so much fun!), to increase the energy of romance in every aspect of your life. Whether you want a relationship or already have one, the essence and energy of romance is a delicious force to cultivate in life.

Romantic energy is not just an energy reserved for couples. Romantic energy is the energy you feel when you allow your body and soul to be truly overtaken by beauty and pleasure. Romance is the energy you experience when looking at a gorgeous sunset, savoring a bite of delicious chocolate, reading moving poetry, or dancing to your favorite music. Romantic energy makes you fall in love not only with others, but with life itself. Romantic energy is pleasure, and pleasure lights up our spirit like nothing else!

One way to increase romantic energy is to experience the simple pleasures of life as much as possible. Increase your experience of pleasure by enjoying delicious food, taking a long walk under a full moon, smelling all the roses, and curling up in a soft chair with a great book and a fireplace.

One of my favorite rituals to increase romance in my life, is to do this hot cocoa love spell for romance! Check out my video, and follow along to brew your own cup of magickal hot cocoa for love!

Another way to increase romantic energy is to increase your passion for life. When you are laughing, painting, singing, dancing, eating food you love, or creating something inspired, you evoke the energy of passion within you. When you are in your body, and experiencing your aliveness, you invite pleasure, joy and passion into your life.

When you fall in love with yourself and your life, honor your own worth and express your vibrancy, you radiate with romantic energy. Your radiance draws romance and love to you like a magnet!

Love Magick Ritual Bath

One of my favorite ways to increase romantic energy is to take a romantic ritual bath. Try this bath ritual when you want to increase your vibrancy and feel more magnetic and attractive in love.

Ingredients you will need:

  • 1 red or pink candle
  • Pink or red rose petals
  • 1 rose quartz crystal
  • Bubble bath or bath oil
  • 1 smudge stick
  • 1 abalone shell or fireproof container to catch ashes from your smudge stick
  • A lighter or matches

Ritual Steps

STEP 1: Purify the energy of your bathroom by smudging rosemary, palo santo sage. Light your smudge stick, place it in an abalone shell or fireproof container to catch the ashes, and waft the smoke around the room. This will cleanse your bathroom’s energy and prepare your ritual.

STEP 2: Light your candle and place it in a safe place in your bathroom.

STEP 3: Place your rose quartz on the side of your bathtub, to amplify the energy or romance.

STEP 4: Fill your bath with water, as you do imagine your own energy of self love filling up within you.

STEP 5: Add your bubble bath or bath oil to the running water.

STEP 6: When your bath is full, turn off the water and add your rose petals to the bath water.

STEP 7: Get in the bath. Feel the decadent joy of the bubbles on your skin and relax as you take in the sensual fragrances and beauty of the roses.

STEP 8: During your bath, visualize yourself having more confidence and self love than you ever have before. Imagine yourself vibrant and free-spirited, passionate and sensual. Imagine yourself in a loving relationship, or having many loving relationships! Place your rose quartz crystal over your heart and feel your heart opening to all kinds of new and exciting possibilities. Imagine yourself attracting more love than ever before into your life.

STEP 9: Soak for 20 minutes or so.

STEP 10: After you’ve finished your bath, place your rose quartz crystal on your nightstand or on your alter.

STEP 11: After your bath, take out your rose petals, and give them back to the earth by sprinkling them onto the dirt. As you do feel how you have planted the seeds of romance into your life, and that love is on it’s way and will fully bloom for you in perfect timing!

Take a Magickal Love Bath

Boost Love Energy for spells with a Magickal Love Bath

Manifest Love

Once you have cleared any blockages you have to love, and cultivated your own self love and romantic energy, you are ready to work your magick and welcome love into your life!

A wonderful way to use Magick to manifest love is to create your own love altar. The very act of making your love altar supercharges your intention to bring in true love, and also increases the energy of romance within you and around you. Your altar also serves as a sacred place to perform additional love spells or rituals. A love altar focuses your intention to welcome love into your heart, and anchors the energy of love into your home. It is a truly sacred and wonderful way to bring more love into all areas of your life.

Create Your Own Love Spell Altar

There are no rules for creating your love spell altar, only guidelines, so feel free to get as creative as you would like. The more unique to you and your own intention your love altar is, the more powerful it will be!

An altar is simply a small, sacred space filled with any number of items that hold meaning and spiritual significance to you. For a love altar, the theme is all about romance, the heart, emotions, beauty and your romantic dream. There are a variety of items you can place on your love alter, but the most important thing is that your love altar is a physical reflection of the energy of love that you wish to bring into your life.

There are no set number of items that need to be on your love altar, it is entirely up to you. Your love altar can have two items, or thirty items, the only thing that matters is how your altar makes you feel when you look at it.

Give it a try, and remember to get creative and make it your own!

Items You Might Use:

  • A red or pink candle
  • A Beautiful plate, tray, or cloth
  • A picture, image or a statue of a couple in love
  • A statue or picture of a love Goddess, such as Aphrodite or Aine
  • Any love charm, or heart shaped trinkets you may have
  • Rose quartz crystal
  • Dried rose petals
  • Fresh flowers or petals
  • Sea shells, or other natural items that represent romance to you
  • Inspirational quotes, cards or poems about love
  • Petition or affirmation of the love you intend to manifest

Steps to create your altar for love spells:

STEP 1: Smudge all of your items for your altar with rosemary, palo santo or sage smoke. This will clear the items of any negative energy. Also smudge the space where the altar will be set up.

STEP 2: Set a cloth, plate, or tray down in the location you would like to build your love altar. I recommend putting your love altar in your bedroom to bring in more romantic love.

STEP 3: Decorate your altar any way you wish! You might place an image of a couple in love in the center, or perhaps a red or pink candle.

STEP 4: Fill the cloth or tray in with your other items; rose quartz crystal, heart shaped trinkets, love charms, shells, dried rose buds, flowers, or anything you have gathered that holds special meaning to you.

STEP 5: Light your candle and gaze at your finished altar. Say…

“I open my heart to receive my true love. I am ready and worthy of being loved fully, deeply and authentically for all that I am. I am ready to love with all of my heart. True love now manifests for me in perfect timing. So mote it be!”

Your altar is now charged and will do the work to magnetize love to you. Every time you look at it, be reminded that your perfect match is on their way, and in perfect timing!

Increase Your Love Magick Energy

Now that you have a love altar, you have a sacred space to perform other love spells, rituals and crafts that help to magnetize love to you. Try any of the following magickal practices to amplify your love energy:

Love Spell Booster #1: Craft a Love Sachet

To do this, simply gather a few items that hold romantic meaning to you. Perhaps you have a small love letter, or a trinket, or a symbol of some sort. Place them into a small sachet, pouch or muslin cloth. Place love herbs, such as rose and cinnamon into the pouch, as well. Tie the top of the bag closed. Light a candle and focus your energetic intent for romance onto the bag. Further imbue your bag with energy by holding it in your hands and saying out loud, “I am safe to let love in. I am ready and worthy to have my true love. My soul mate and I are now brought together by pure magick! So mote it be!” Your sachet is now fully activated! Sleep with your love sachet under your pillow, place it next to your bed, or place it on your love altar.

Place your love sachet on your love altar for increased romantic energy

Place your love sachet on your love altar for increased romantic energy

Love Spell Booster #2: Create a Love Charm

It is so simple to create a highly energized and potent love charm! You really don’t need anything fancy to cast your love charm spell, just your emotions and your clear intentions alone will transform the energy of any object into a powerful love charm. To do this, simply find a small trinket that has romantic meaning to you. Light a candle, and hold the trinket in your hand. Focus your energy and your intention for love onto the charm to magickally infuse and charge it with love. The most important quality to have when you are creating a charm is to infuse your charm with EMOTION. As witches, our emotions are the most powerful tool we have. Our emotions are pure, potent energy. When we infuse our emotions into the charm, we influence and change the energetic makeup of the charm. The object becomes infused with our intentions for romantic love, and so attracts and magnetizes more love to us, as we wear or use the charm. The charm also works as a visual reminder of the love that is coming your way. Keep your love charm on your love altar, or wear it as a necklace, to magnetize your love energy!

Love Spell Booster #3: Make your own Rose Water

A wonderful way to increase your love energy is to create your own rose water. Roses are the most powerful flower to use for attracting love into your life. Rose water can be used in multiple love spells, and is a wonderful addition to love potions. I also recommend sprinkling rose water around your home—and on your skin daily—to really enhance your love vibe! The rose scent is so lovely and romantic, and the energetic vibration of the water and the roses is so high and so pure. It really works to increase your love energy and draw even more love to you and your home.

How Make Your Own Rose Water For  Love Spells

Ingredients you need:

  • Dried rose petals
  • Saucepan with lid
  • Strainer
  • A Bottle

The Steps:

STEP 1: Measure 1/4 cup of dried rose petals into your saucepan.

STEP 2: Pour ½ cup water into your saucepan.

STEP 3: Cover and bring to a boil.

STEP 4: Reduce temperature to the lowest setting that still allows the water to simmer.

STEP 5: Simmer until the color of the rose petals has faded. Mine became almost colorless. This only took about 5-10 minutes.

STEP 6: Leave the lid on and cool completely.

STEP 7: Pour water and petals through a strainer, to remove the petals from the water.

STEP 8: Use a funnel if you have one, and pour your rose water into a clean bottle.

STEP 9: Keep your rose water bottle on your love altar. Use your rose water for love spells and rituals. Generously sprinkle your fragrant rose water around your home and on your skin!

Spice Up Your Love Life

If you are already in a relationship, use love magick to enhance the romance, connection and passion between you and your partner. Try any of the following simple techniques to increase the love between you and your partner.

Strengthening Love Ritual #1: Ties that bind.

With your partner, pick two flowers with strong but pliable stems. Be sure to ask permission from the flowers before you pick them.

Take one flower each, and hold it against your hearts. Imbue each flower with your intention for love and your relationship.

Then, tie the stems of the two flowers together, symbolizing the bond between you both. Place the tied flowers on your altar, or in your bedroom to remind you of your love.

Strengthening Love Ritual #2: Deeply rooted love.

To increase feelings of love between you and your partner, try this simple technique.

Gather a potted plant or flower, along with a photo of you and your partner together when you were deeply in love. Wrap the photo in aluminum foil to keep it safe. Next, take a piece of paper and draw a heart on it. Write both of your names inside the heart.

You can also add an affirmation, such as “we are so happy and so deeply in love.” Then, lift the potted plant from the planter, and place your photo, along with your paper at the bottom of the pot. This is optional, but if you have one, place a small rose quartz crystal next to your photo, to further amplify your love energy.

Place the plant back into the pot, covering the photo and paper with it’s soil. Place the plant in your bedroom and water it as needed. The plant and your partnership is now infused with magickal intention to nourish the love between you. Every time you see the plant, let it remind you of your flourishing love.

Strengthening Love Ritual #3: Spice things up.

To bring the “spice” back into your relationship try this simple tip. Gather a red candle, some olive oil, and some cayenne pepper.

Rub olive oil on your candle and then sprinkle cayenne pepper onto the oil coated candle. By doing this you “dress” your candle in the energy of passion.

Place the candle in your bedroom and light it for a few minutes every night for a week. As you light it, welcome in the energy of passion and spicy romance by imagining how you would feel if your relationship were passionate again. Doing this practice will shift the energy within your partnership and imbue your bedroom and your romance with passion!

She loves me, she loves me not?

It is an important rule in witchcraft to never cast a spell to force someone to do something that is not of their own free will. I know from personal experience, it is really hard, if not impossible, to do a love spell when you are already in love with someone. You simply can’t help but imagine the person you love, and wish that they would love you in return!

As hard as it is, it is very important that you keep a completely open heart and mind when doing a love spell or ritual to manifest love.

This is because the Universe knows the very best match- your soul mate match- and oftentimes, it isn’t the person whom you are pining over! It might be, but you will never know unless you remain completely open to the magick of the Universe to bring you your perfect match.

While it isn’t advised to do a love spell to influence a particular person to love you, you can still use magick to find out if their love is reciprocal!

Work your magick by using divination to find out if the one you love might feel the same about you. Try any of the following simple techniques for love divination:

Love Magick Technique #1: Draw a card.

Do a divination reading using tarot cards. Do a three card spread to find out more about how the person may feel about you, and if you are both a good match. For the first card ask, “what should I know about this person?”

For the second card ask, “How does this person feel about me?” For the third card ask, “What would you have me know about the possibility of a romance with this person?” Interpret the cards using your intuition and their meanings.

What do you feel when you read the cards, and what are the images on the cards saying? Are you receiving any gut feelings from the imagery of the cards?

Read the meanings of each card. Do the cards suggest a potential romance, and do they hint that this person has feelings for you in return? Do the cards suggest this is a kindred spirit, or that this person might not be your best match? Remain open and trust your intuition.

Add energy to your Love Spells

Is love in the cards for you both?

Love Magick Technique #2: Pair of acorns.

Take two acorns and remove their caps. Take both of the caps and name one for you and one for your crush. Place the acorn caps in a bowl of water. If the acorn that is your crush begins to move closer to yours, take it as a sign that they may like you! If both acorns move close together, it is a sign there is a strong romantic connection between you both!

Love Magick Technique #3: Scrying for love.

Try the divination practice of scrying to access intuitive information about the person you love. Simply fill a bowl with water, dim the lights and light a candle. Place the candle near the bowl of water, so that the light flickers on the water’s surface. Slow your breathing and calm your mind. Stare into your bowl of water and let your mind “space out”, as if you were staring into a crystal ball. As the question “How does this person feel about me?”. Ask “Is this person a potential soulmate?” Trust whatever images or gut feelings come to you. Ask any further questions about this person you wish to know. Let your intuition lead the way and remain open to guidance.

Healing Your Heart

There is no pain quite as deep as breaking up with someone you truly loved. We have all been there, often many times, and the experience never seems to get easier. Breaking up is just the worst. We not only lose that special person, we lose the dream of our future with that person, and it is so very heartbreaking.

The truth is, after the heartache, there is always new love, even another soulmate, who may be just around the corner!

You are so worthy of love, and the faster you can heal and let go of your breakup pain, the quicker you can welcome in a new and better love match. If you are experiencing lingering romantic feelings, resentments or hurt from a past relationship, it is important that you fully heal and let go, in order to allow new love in.

Try the following spell to release your past partner, and welcome in a new and improved romantic relationship!

The Magickal Power of Love

Love is the most important thing in the Universe. Love is, quite simply, the only thing that is truly real in all of the Universe. Nothing is as important as love, and nothing is as transformative as love. Love is all that has ever truly mattered, and all that will ever matter, at the end of the day. Love is eternal, and it lasts forever, in all of it’s glorious forms and expressions.

Magick is a remarkable tool that can help to remove any blockages we have to experiencing the love that we are born to let in. We are all creatures who are made to love each other, and to be loved in return. Magick helps to magnetize love to us and through us, so that we more fully radiate the love that so naturally wants to shine through us. Love is your natural state of being, and you deserve to experience it in all of it’s bliss and beauty! May you be loved fully, and completely for exactly who you are!

I hope you have enjoyed learning all about the beautiful practice of Love Magick, and I hope this holiday season finds you sprinkled in enchanting light and adorned in blessed love!

Until we meet again, I’m sending you all of my love, and so many blessings!

Sirena Moon

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