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Galena Stormrider

Tarot Spells: Free Love Spell With The Lovers Tarot Card

The Meaning Of The Lovers Tarot Card & How To Use It In This Free Love Spell

The Lovers tarot card, which is the harmonious number 6 in the tarot’s major arcana, often depicts two lovers on either side of a fork in the road. Watching above their diverging paths is Archangel Raphael, a symbol of divine love and emotional healing. At this point of the Fool’s Journey, the recipient of the tarot reading is faced with a choice– to love someone, or to focus their efforts in another direction. While most often interpreted as a sign of romantic love, the lovers on the card are sometimes portrayed as Adam and Eve. This card often represents relationship choices that are highly consequential, and encourages us to consider our endeavors with deep care! This card asks you to consider if the relationships are truly serving their greatest purpose.

In the upright position for a single person, the Lovers card may be inviting you to consider the prospect of love as a possibility for you, and honestly assess what you could gain or lose by stepping into romance. This card is often a sign that personal growth and healing can be achieved through fostering a more intimate connection with another, whether it is a friend or a romantic interest. This is a sign to say “yes” to deepening your connections, and refusing to open your heart could lead you down a less desirable path!

This could also be a sign that you have two options, both of which seem favorable. This is a sign to consider our long-term fulfillment while heading our intuitive feelings. Failing to trust your intuition at this time can lead to unforeseen obstacles down the road, even if you are unsure of why in the present moment.

The Lovers card is also associated with the mutable sign of Gemini, which is known for being flirty, chatty, optimistic, wavering, and indecisive. You are being asked to commit to one path at this time, and communicate clearly with your spirit guides and those you love about your actions and intentions. This is not the best time to avoid or put off important issues, especially if they are important to your partner. If you have the options of two lovers, you are being asked to pick one without cloudiness or deceit.

Image of The Lovers Tarot Card

The most common depiction of the Lovers tarot card. The Lovers are often depicted as Adam and Eve, and are guided by Archangel Raphael.

In the reversed position, the Lovers card may be a sign that your love life will be redirected in order to stay on a path more aligned with your greater purpose or different blessings you are meant to receive. It could also be a sign that you have chosen a romantic situation that looks ideal on paper, but could distract you from your goals or end up having negative consequences in your life. Additionally, we may be asked to walk away from someone less ideal to make room for more positive or fulfilling partnerships. This may also be a sign that while a choice is apparent to you, you could be more successful on your own than in a partnership. This can also apply to business partnerships or even roommate proposals, though these types of business partners usually work rather closely.

Either way, when we are seeking relationship advice from the tarot, the Lovers is a sign to pay close attention to how your personal connections are affecting you in both the short and long-term. It also reminds us that our relationships should be symbiotic and inspire gratitude for the universal beauty in one another. Ask yourself if your close friends and partner(s) are supportive of your goals– not only by their ideals, but by their actions!

This card also speaks of self-love. When we have unity and harmony within the self, we can create healthier relationship dynamics and feel confident in these “either or” choices. A healthy relationship with the self ensures that you will make the best decision in this situation, regardless of this card’s position. This card often predicts that through being intentional about your heart healing and practicing self-compassion, you have developed a stronger relationship to your higher self and have grown in self-awareness.

Without self-awareness, we may feel uncomfortable taking a chance on love. However, knowing oneself deeply and loving oneself makes it possible to be interdependent with others while still having confidence in our ability to meet our own needs should the Wheel of Fortune turn out of our favor in love. Though trust takes vulnerability, self-assurance and inner peace make the risk of love a calculated and informed one. If you’re considering opening your heart to another, ask yourself what you will need to take this risk with full faith– not in your partner, but in yourself, your spiritual practice, and the inner wealth of magick you have to overcome any sticky situation.

If you have recently pulled the Lovers card in any position, here are several affirmations you may find useful during this time:

  • I give love unconditionally and indiscriminately.
  • I am opening my eyes to the love that surrounds me.
  • I am receptive to the kindness of others.
  • I am deserving of help, affection, and support.
  • I am constantly blessed with opportunities to see the good in others.
  • My intuition should be honored in all my decisions. Although the reason may be obscured to my conscious awareness, it will be revealed at the perfect time.
  • Loving my flaws allows me to have deeper empathy for others.
  • By the grace of the universe, we are all given opportunities to express love. I will take one today.
  • I am responsible for my happiness and achievements.
  • True bondedness is the anecdote to neediness.
  • I surrender to the flow of partnership, which wanes and waxes.
  • I am receptive to the discernment of the cosmos and the Divine.
  • Every experience is an opportunity to deepen my relationship with myself and my guides.
  • With intention, prayer, magick, and divine support, I have nothing to fear.
  • The love meant for me will always find me.
  • Healing myself heals others.
  • We are all connected.

How To Work With The Lovers To Draw Your Soul Mate

Whenever you receive the Lovers card, you are being called to explore what it is you want in a relationship. What are the qualities that you truly want in a partner? What qualities do you want to exhibit yourself? How do these things coincide or conflict? 

Though simply put, these questions are rarely easy to answer! Luckily, these magickal activity tutorials can help you increase your self-awareness and self-love, magnetize romance toward you, and help you receive clarity about your past, present, or future circumstances.

  • Take a spiritual bath inspired by the Lovers:

Spiritual baths cleanse your energetic field of any blockages, and when supercharged by this free love spell ingredients, create a potent and luxurious self-care experience that magnetizes you toward your desire. In this video, I discuss the concept of spiritual bathing and demonstrate drawing a bath that will encourage heart healing so you may find a new lover!

  • Create a love altar to attract a new love! 

Did you know that altars can be dedicated to a specific magickal purpose, amplifying the intent behind your spellwork? In this video, your magickal guide Sirena Moon explores the use of altars dedicated to a specific purpose, and demonstrates the set up and maintenance of an altar dedicated to attracting a new love!

  • Perform your own love reading with your favorite tarot deck! This Lovers Relationship Divination Spread I’ve designed will offer you insight into the qualities Spirit sees in your next or current romantic partnership.
tarot love spell spread

Tarot Card Spread Used For A Tarot Love Spell

1. The Overall Vibe of Your Partnership: How might it feel when the two of you are together?

2. Their Characteristics: How might they act, behave, and carry themselves as an individual?

3. Their Feelings: How do they feel toward you?

4. Your Healing as a Partner: How could the relationship help you grow?

5. Their Healing As a Partner: How could the relationship help them grow?

6. Your Achievements as a Union: What can you accomplish as a team?

7. The Timeline: When might you meet this person, or if you already know them, when could your relationship advance?

8. Advice: What should you do to encourage a happy and healthy love life for yourself?

Pro Tip: Remain open minded, and know that these possibilities are always subject to the free will of you and your potential love interest! Additionally, keep in mind that the Divine will always want you to explore a possibility for a reason, even if it seems unlikely to you.

  • Create a list or vision board to reflect on aspects of the relationships you enjoy and/or desire.
  • Give a gift to a friend (no holiday required).
  • Write 5 reasons you are grateful for another in your life.
  • Reflect on a time you made a difficult decision.
  • Refine elements of your self-care routine that you would like to implement or enhance.
  • Reflect on how you can be a better friend or partner.
  • Stick to one of your personal commitments (this increases self-love and self-respect).
  • Reflect on a time when you successfully implemented a boundary with another person.
  • Cast a love spell using the power of the lovers.

Casting A ‘Tarot Spell’ For Love (Your Free Love Spell)

Because the Lovers asks us to think critically about what we need in our relationships, this tarot card can promote healing and romance when used in magick. You may choose to meditate on this card before performing a free love spell, include it as an ingredient in a love bottle or pouch, or carry it in your pocket or purse to encourage Divinely guided encounters and decisions. 

Because the card represents crossroads in which love is a key element of an important choice, you may sleep with the Lovers under your pillow to encourage visions that will inform you on these decisions and show you ways to increase love in all areas of your life. You may also call upon Archangel Raphael to assist you in your heart healing, using the Lovers as a petition paper, and writing a prayer to him on the back of it.

To protect your relationship, you may anoint the card in a protective sigil using a shielding oil such as frankincense, patchouli or cedarwood. You may encourage receptivity to love in yourself and others by doing the same with a prosperity sigil using an oil such as jasmine, lavender, or neroli.

Image of the lovers spell setup

Pro tip: use dried herbs in your spells in order to grind them in your mortar and pestle and to prevent molding!

When considering your spell ingredients, here are some of my favorite herbs and oils!

  • Dried apple shavings or seeds for fertility and health in relationships
  • Cassia for self-assurance, intelligence, and self-respect
  • Cinnamon for sensuality, passion, and excitement
  • Chamomile for friendliness, pure intentions, and peace
  • Chili flakes for sexuality, motivation, and intensity
  • Lilies for beauty, softness, and receptivity
  • Orange for renewal after a tough or stagnant period in love
  • Rosebuds for new romance
  • Dried rose petals for unconditional love
  • Hinoki for collaboration, balance, and coordination
  • Lavender for psychic communication and relaxation

Here are some of my favorite stones for love!

  • Diamonds for love that withstands all weather
  • Moonstone for intuitive and emotional romantic connection
  • Ruby for passion, admiration, and family
  • Angelite for forgiveness and empathy
  • Celestite for angelic guidance and protection
  • Opalite for even temperedness and calm communication
  • Aquamarine for inner strength and bravery
  • Rose Quartz for beauty and self-love
  • Red Jasper for self-confidence and attraction

Overall, the Lovers tarot card always brings us the invitation to dive deeper into our understanding of ourselves and the spiritual purpose of partnerships. Remember that connections are meant to flow and evolve over time, just as any other cycle of life. Whether you are single, in love, growing in your self-love, or ending a connection, think carefully about how you give and receive love, and reflect on the impact those habits have on your wellbeing. When you see this card, your eyes and heart will be opened to the universal love that surrounds you in all its infinite forms!

I’m sending you compassion, empathy, and heart healing for the highest good of all. Don’t miss an opportunity to love today, even if it’s through one small act of kindness!  I hope you enjoyed your Free Love Spell with a “Tarot Twist”! 🙂

With Love and Gratitude,

Galena Stormrider

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